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Reviews for Sense and Insensibility

LovesRickman2018.10.20 - 06:27AM13: Break and MendSigned
I got caught up in this before I realized it was a WIP which I avoid like the plaugue having been heartbroken in the past by abandoned fics! Please don't break my heart again! Missy aka LovesRickman

LovesRickman2018.10.18 - 12:51AM5: Now and ThenSigned
Really enjoying this fix. You have a real gift and I have loved everything I have read although I am not big on reviewing. I am wondering if Hermione avoids sugar because it increases inflammation in the body? I have RA and noticed that sugar binges can definitely increase my pain levels. Not always but enough that I have less desire to indulge very often. Small amounts aren't bad but big amounts are another subject. Lol my diabetes doesn't appreciate it much either. Missy aka LovesRickman

OpheliaBedelia2018.08.03 - 04:37AM13: Break and MendSigned
Not all is lost, fellow reviewers! The complete story is posted on the adult fanfiction site. I just discovered this and will be using the rest of my night to catch up. Would love for Desert_Sea to post it completely here as well—more exposure for this wonderful story. Thank you for this. I've been going through your stories for about a month now, and I'm always so in love with your multidimensional characters and the highly believable dynamics between those characters. The premise you engineered for this story is especially ingenious. This is the kind of stuff that keeps me reading fanfiction—the once-in-a-blue-moon stories that are so very quality in both content and craft. (But then again, we SS/HG shippers tend to have and cultivate good taste, no?) Thanks again!

Jadecadence2018.06.11 - 12:53AM1: Sense and InsensibilitySigned
Can you start writing again pls even if it is crapp? Thank you as I have ASD, little general! God bless you with His glory!

kass422018.03.25 - 04:25PM13: Break and MendSigned
I've really enjoyed this, I hope you're able to continue the store. Please? Pretty please? I'm not above begging.

vze57t9j2018.01.21 - 01:52AM13: Break and MendSigned
Wow! I need to start this from the beginning, I happened upon this gem by accident, and suddenly I'm hooked <3 Well done!!!

Sampdoria2017.12.27 - 07:19AM13: Break and MendSigned
Such a sweet and sexy story, I am trilled that they ditched the idea of her researching if others semen could give the same result. Why looking for bad substitutes when you have the very best in hand (pun intended:-)) Loved the story!

loreen772017.12.25 - 12:39PM13: Break and MendSigned
I am glad he showed her his desire for her. It was sweet and sexy.

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