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Reviews for Another Year

skygle2017.08.27 - 09:09AM20: Chapter 20Signed
Great story, looking forward for updates soon!

Author's Response: Two more chapters on the way!

snapespet2017.05.16 - 10:50PM20: Chapter 20Signed
gahhhhh update please please please

snapespet2017.04.06 - 10:52PM20: Chapter 20Signed
gahhhh ... don't leave us hanging absolutely NEED to know who the evil git is that hurt Hermione though I may have my suspicions. Hope to see the next installment soon!

kudlatek2017.04.02 - 05:33AM20: Chapter 20Signed
Oh.. I was thinking that it would be Hermione to get the apprenticeship with McGonagall... I've just read the last 2 chapters - really good pieces. I'm waiting for the next one! (And I hope it will be at least a bit longer - you're not spoiling us with the lengths of the chapters ;)) It's one of my favourite stories :)

Author's Response: Sorry I've been gone so long. I've just submitted two more chapters. Hopefully they'll be up soon!

JL19892017.03.28 - 04:06PM20: Chapter 20Signed
Oh, I hope you're updating soon! Wonderful story, and the stuff about Draco and Hermione was fun- I always like seeing those two friends. Those dumb gossipy kids though, don't they have anything better to do? I love this story, but, I'm getting a bad feeling about Neville. He seems fixated on Severus, and in a resentful way. I hope I'm wrong about him. Great job, and please keep writing!

loreen772017.03.27 - 09:57PM20: Chapter 20Signed
Ack!!! That was an evil cliffhanger. Bad author! LOL, but seriously great chapter. I love all the rumor mill spreading especially the idea of her shaking Draco in a bookstore. Too funny!

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