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Reviews for Idiot's Repose

vickety2017.03.28 - 10:35AM9: NineSigned
This was fantastic! Thanks!

Mme_S2017.03.25 - 04:29PM9: NineSigned
Thank you for this sweet morsel; it was delightful! What a treat to read a real writer's work. I share your admiration of our Potions Master and always love to see him get the second chance he deserves. Best of luck with your original work! I hope to see it in print one day.

Shiro Ryu2017.03.23 - 12:22AM9: NineSigned
Loved your story! I bought your book on Kindle and am looking forward to reading it! Never say never... maybe you will have a few short short (one shot) stories that will bite your ankles in the future. ;)

loreen772017.03.22 - 10:16PM9: NineSigned
This was a great story and I'm sad to see it end. That would love to see additional stories on the site from you, but I understand that your original works take up most of your writing time. You are very talented and I wish you the best of luck with your original works. I look forward to checking them out.

Amr2017.03.22 - 01:22AM9: NineSigned
Thank you so much for this lovely little story, with a great take on Minerva near the end. I'm delighted by your return to this corner of fanfiction, and I hope you consider coming back again. I still think your Price of Madness is one of the most amusing Potter fanfictions I've read. Except for the one about the chain-smoking Dementor, which I thought was yours as well, but apparently wasn't, since it isn't on your list. Anyway, thank you for your efforts on this one--it was really entertaining.

shuldham2017.03.20 - 04:29PM9: NineSigned
Doffs hat, Pook I salute you.

loves23rules2017.03.20 - 03:06PM9: NineSigned
Thank you for writing! I have enjoyed every chapter.

Littlebigmouth2017.03.20 - 03:14AM9: NineSigned
Sequel,...Sequel......Please ...Please ....... PLEASE!!!!

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