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Reviews for Where Words Fail

Greengem2017.03.19 - 06:20PM1: Chapter 1 Signed
Off to a great start!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

loreen772017.03.19 - 08:25AM1: Chapter 1 Signed
Wonderful start, I really enjoyed seeing her interaction with her father. It would be so heartbreaking to lose one's parent at such a young age. Might I suggest that you put information about the music as an authors note at the end of each chapter. I feel multiple people may be interested in learning what music you are referencing but may not want to ask each chapter or maybe even reading the story in a few years when you may not be available to answer the question anymore. If the authors notice at the end of the chapter and someone doesn't care about the music they can just skip it. But I always find it interesting to read about the musical influences and would love to see each of them. I look forward to seeing the story unfold and am already hooked on the idea of seeing young Hermione and she learns that she is magical.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review, and that's actually a BRILLIANT idea. I'm cross-posting this story on FF.net as well, and I've already had several people ask about the songs, too, so look forward to that in the future! Thanks for taking the time to read!

JL19892017.03.19 - 02:40AM1: Chapter 1 Signed
This is a promising start! I am looking forward to reading more. One small thing- when you wrote "Now, at age 9, she smiled in contempt as she played the F major scale with finesse, her father gazing proudly."- I think you meant "contentment" (meaning happiness) instead of "contempt" (meaning hatred). Otherwise, this is a lovely and very well-written story. I like this alternate view of Hermione who loses one of her parents very young and is trying to deal with that along with school bullying and the awakening of her magic at the same time. Great work!

Author's Response: You are absolutely right about the "contentment" and "contempt" usage, my mistake! So sorry haha! Thank you so much for your comment!

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