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Reviews for Idiot's Repose

emcnary2017.03.08 - 05:39PM8: EightSigned
I love that Hermione is jealous over the mediwitch! And I seriously love that Severus is wondering about her naughty thoughts...which I'm sure are definitely naughty!

loreen772017.03.08 - 01:20PM8: EightSigned
Great chapter. I enjoy seeing a free year later Severus upon his awakening. Their flirtation is adorable.

MsTree2017.03.07 - 04:34PM8: EightSigned
"You can find comfort in that face even if your parents don't fully understand."? Did you mean "fact"? Sorry. Inner editor at work again. Stop it! Not your work! Edit your own work! Not PP's! :D

loves23rules2017.03.07 - 02:39PM8: EightSigned
Lovely new chapter! I really like that he realizes an open approach is by far the most likely to be successful.

Sahna2017.03.07 - 02:21AM8: EightSigned
Ooh, new chappy! You know, as much as I like almost all varieties of Severus, I always seem to enjoy when people write a Sev who's all 'sod the angst and rules, I'm ready to live!' :) Good stuff, Pook. Good stuff.

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