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Reviews for Idiot's Repose

Subversa2017.03.23 - 03:36AM7: SevenSigned
Utterly charming. ♥♥

loreen772017.03.05 - 08:19AM7: SevenSigned
I love the gradual reanimation of his body. The fact that the cure is not instantaneous is more realistic for combatting a toxin in his system.

ladyljd2017.03.03 - 07:08PM7: SevenSigned
I'm absolutely loving this story! Thank you so much for returning to the Wizarding world and gifting us with this fine tale!

Amr2017.03.01 - 10:39PM7: SevenSigned
Wonderful! I again seem to have read two chapters at once, so I'll review them both here. Hermione's inevitable break-up with Ron was very clearly overdue. "He said that if I didn't want children, why were we even together? I said, honestly, I have no idea." Can't get much more straightforward than that. And the project: I love the fact that it isn't instantaneous--that Severus has to adjust to and appreciate the advances brought with each step. And now he can talk, and the first thing he says is completely perfect. I look forward to the next chapter (or two chapters, if my life continues to be a zoo). Thanks for writing and posting!

shuldham2017.02.28 - 12:04PM7: SevenSigned
Clears throat 'Whohoo'

emcnary2017.02.28 - 12:09AM7: SevenSigned
Yay, he's awake!!! "Call me Severus"...swoon! Love it.

Jong_Kahn2017.02.27 - 11:00PM7: SevenSigned
Lovely stuff! Hermione's hard work is paying off, and it's good to see Harry's aboard, too. Thanks for all your work.

loves23rules2017.02.27 - 03:15PM7: SevenSigned
I really like how this is developing. So glad your keeping it up.

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