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Reviews for Idiot's Repose

amber52017.02.21 - 10:19AM5: FiveSigned
I can't wait for the next chapter!

Bella992017.02.20 - 04:07AM5: FiveSigned
I'm so looking forward to the next update! 😀

Amr2017.02.19 - 09:48PM5: FiveSigned
Well, not starting to get interesting from Snape's point of view, really, that we know of. Unless you mean Neville's plant description or (more likely) the steamy sex in Hermione's bodice rippers. And perhaps her project? Dark protections sound like she may be working on a cure for Snape. Maybe investigating that borderline dark anti-venin potion he used? But I'm glad he's getting lots of visitors, and I liked the explanation of his affection for Hagrid. I'm surprised, though, that no one has thought to try legilimency. He could probably project his conclusions about the venin and so forth. But I'm assuming there's a reason that wouldn't work--that his eyes wouldn't focus properly?

JL19892017.02.19 - 07:49PM5: FiveSigned
Oh, I hope this project of Hermione's somehow involves finding a counter-curse for Severus! Poor man, even with the efforts of his friends and the Order he won't be able to hold out forever. Looks like he's already getting depressed, it would be hard not to in such an awful situation. Great to see you again Pooka, and I hope you have a suitably happy/romantic ending planned!

Greengem2017.02.19 - 06:22PM5: FiveSigned
Better and better!

Minerva3942017.02.19 - 03:50PM5: FiveSigned
Don't loose faith, Severus, she will come through ... Thank you for another lovely update!

loreen772017.02.19 - 01:06PM5: FiveSigned
What are Hermione's and Harry up to now? I can't wait to see....

prettychocolate2017.02.19 - 09:59AM5: FiveSigned
Very interesting and intriguing story. I can't wait for more!

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