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Reviews for Idiot's Repose

Subversa2017.03.17 - 05:05AM4: FourSigned
I'd heard a rumor that you were writing fan fiction again, my friend, and in fine form, I see. I shall enjoy reading this charming piece. Best wishes to you in all your writing endeavors.

loves23rules2017.02.18 - 07:04PM4: FourSigned
How lovely to come back to Ashwinder and find good new stuff from an author I used to read when I was active many years ago. I will be following this promising tale :-)

shuldham2017.02.14 - 01:01PM4: FourSigned
As always sublime. One thing, and I hope you don't mind me saying should it not be infirmity rather than infirmary?

emcnary2017.02.13 - 02:14PM4: FourSigned
I love it!!!! Leave it to Hermione to come in, wand blazing:). And, seriously, her reading Severus a romance novel is brilliant:). Looking forward to more.

Pixie Dust2017.02.13 - 02:11PM4: FourSigned
I love that Snape was bored with the Potions Journal and interested in The romance novel! Update soon please!

Sahna2017.02.13 - 11:36AM4: FourSigned
So glad to see your nom de plume active again! I'm very much enjoying the story so far!

Amr2017.02.13 - 12:53AM4: FourSigned
Another delightful chapter--two actually. (I've had a busy week and not kept up.) The chapter with the Thickness confrontation was nice, and must have been very reassuring to Snape, poor man. Hermione as savvy politician, making use of Harry's status and her own. And they're all so very tired, reasonably enough. This chapter was even more fun. I loved Snape's boredom with the potions journal, and then that Hermione agreed with him and switched over to a romance novel. Snape enjoying naughty romance novels is definitely a new one to me, but I can see it. And Hermione is right to defend him. Is no one actively trying to cure his condition? They've got to find some way to communicate with him, so he can tell them what to do. Thanks for writing this--I'm really enjoying it.

loreen772017.02.12 - 10:39PM4: FourSigned
Angry Hermione!!! I loved it. I am surprised there is not a way for a healer to measure brain activity. A spell for an EEG or something similar.

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