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Reviews for Quartet

kass422018.06.24 - 12:52AM31: ConcertoSigned
Amazing chapter, I'm so glad you found a way to allow everyone to be happy.

kass422018.06.23 - 12:28PM13: OperettaSigned
I've read your other stories and have loved them. I must admit that I was nervous to start this story, your Lucius in Teaching worried me for reading him in this new story. I should have known better because you haven't let me down before. I love each character and can't wait to see how this unfolds. I also like that each chapter is from one persons pov, I don't have to reread pieces to try and figure out who is thinking what. I have two fears, first that this won't be completed, please don't let me down, and second that Hermione won't end up with Snape. It's my otp and being on this particular site I'm hoping they will end up together. Thanks for sharing your talent and stories.

Author's Response: :) :) :) Yes, I do have varying views of Lucius in my headósometimes I like him to be sex god Lucius, and sometimes I need him to be bastard Lucius. It all depends on my mood (or what the story requires) :) And I promise Iím going to finish this, assuming I donít die or suffer some severe brain trauma (knock on wood). The guilt would eat me alive if I left a story unfinished. Also, I donít want to give anything away about whatís going to happen, but rest assured Iím not a fan of torturing Severus or leaving him to suffer. (Hope thatís enough to ease your mind :)) Glad youíre enjoying the story, and thank you so much for the review. Hearing from my fans always brightens my day <3

Half Blood Outcast2018.06.20 - 02:11PM61: Key ChangeSigned
I always get so excited when I see updates from you! Another wonderful set of chapters, I canít wait to see where you take this story.

Author's Response: : ) :) :) Iím always glad to hear people are excited for more. Thank you so much <3 <3 <3

loreen772018.06.18 - 11:00PM61: Key ChangeSigned
Fascinating. Mental imagery and emotions both. Thatís really cool but I would want to be able to turn it off. Another great chapter. I look forward to more chapters in the future.

Author's Response: ďbut I would want to be able to turn it off.Ē óYeah, me too :) I hope Hermione finds some way to deal with it :) :) :)

loreen772018.06.18 - 10:40PM60: QuartetSigned
Aww. Severus is finally able to say aloud that he loves her. I loved the banter between Lucius and Severus. It was very cute to see that Lucius was just waiting to tell her so that Severus would not feel pressured or left out. It really shows great consideration towards Severusí feeling.

Author's Response: I love the Severus-Lucius banter too :) Theyíre like an old married couple. And I love your observations on Luciusís consideration of Severusís feelings. So true <3 <3 <3

loreen772018.06.15 - 10:53PM59: ChorusSigned
I love the smoldering tension building between Draco and Severus. Sometimes I think the Draco chapters are my favorite because you write from his POV so perfectly. I love all of your writing but there is something extra special in how you write his thoughts. I do think children will be a tricky thing with this situation. It will be hard to try not to let jealousy seep in at times and that could make things complicated with a child involved. So far they are all doing an amazing job of not having any issues between them. I hope they can keep it up.

Author's Response: Glad to hear Iíve got another Snaco fan in the ranks :) And thank you so much for the writing compliments. I do enjoy writing Draco (but I enjoy them all really, but for very different reasons). I canít wait for you to read 62 & 63. So much plotiness ahead :)

loreen772018.06.15 - 09:51PM58: BridgeSigned
It is so sweet that all three of them are so focused on her well being. They truly want what is best for her.

Author's Response: I think they all see that her happiness is integral to their own (even if they donít consciously realize it yet). :) :) :)

Bindi2018.06.10 - 04:43PM57: StabSigned
When will you be updating? I'm so sad without more.

Author's Response: Really soon :) Maybe a few days. Iíve got one chapter ready to go, but the other three still need tweaking. Iím almost there, I promise <3

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