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Reviews for Quartet

Ramsay2232018.08.21 - 01:36AM1: AudienceSigned
Please tell me you are winning your personal battle. Your writing is wonderful! I have enjoyed the musical education and the quotes so much. I usually only read completed works because the abandoment of an idea fustrates me. You are a story teller!

Author's Response: Health-wise, yes, Iím doing pretty well now. (The gastritis thing was going on last winter.) I have no intentions of abandoning this; I work on it every day, and Iím about 2/3rds of the way through the next ten chapters. Iím so happy to hear youíre enjoying both the story and the musical aspects, and I thank you humbly for your kind praise. Hope you like whatís coming up next :) <3

bralon2018.08.07 - 02:52PM63: Interpretation Signed
Oh wow, I loved where this went! Great great plot, absolutely can't wait for more!! You've got a huge fan here :D Keep up the amazing work

Author's Response: Thank you so much <3 Glad youíre enjoying it :)

joannie2018.07.05 - 10:19PM2: PreludeSigned
You are not going to lose me in that sense...a few of the descriptions lost me - I can only guess at the meaning. I could "google" the terms, but if my computer was every confiscated - how would I explain that! Ha ha - just me being silly - I get that way as the evening gets later - I'm a night person stuck in a day time job. I thought I was enlightened. I visited the Sex Museum with my late DH when we were in Amsterdam...but I must have missed a few things. Keep up the good work - love your writing style.

Author's Response: Hahaha! Google is totally your friend when it comes to sex terms. I have to look up something at least once a month. Ooo! A sex museum. Sounds fun. And thank so much for the writing love; Iím glad youíre enjoying it <3 <3 <3

joannie2018.07.04 - 07:48PM11: Seventh ChordSigned
I've been hooked since the first chapter. Your writing is quite interesting - in a good way. I like the Gryffindor bravery reference - I am going to have to leave for now - lest it colour my thought process. I love your Snape - freezing on the outside - molten on the inside.

Author's Response: ďFreezing on the outside - molten on the inside.Ē I love that. Excellent description <3

loreen772018.07.02 - 10:41PM63: Interpretation Signed
I found the elemental magic aspect of the quartet was perfection. Very sweet to see Severus reflected through Luciusí perspective. One of my favorite chapters yet.

Author's Response: Yeeees! I love hearing that <3 And I love that you loved Luciusís perspective. (I feel like Lucius gets the least amount of love, which I can understand, as he has some issues that Severus and Draco donít, but to me that what makes him more human.) Thanks again for all your reviews, loreen. I love hearing from you <3

joannie2018.07.01 - 11:17PM5: DuetSigned
You are making Draco so human...nice chapter.

Author's Response: I like that. I do see Draco as very human; heís a great character to play with. (Sometimes I just turn him into a slab of boy meat, but usually I like to have fun with him.) I needed a sensitive Draco for this story, and he complied without complaint, so I guess he likes being a good guy sometimes :)

joannie2018.07.01 - 07:48PM2: PreludeSigned
Had a little time to explore your story further. I took the time to read through your warnings. Looks like we are in for a bumpy ride. I won't be able to say you didn't warn me. I love your Draco and Hermione. I'm off to the next chapter. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Sweet lord, yes, please read the warnings. Things are only going to get more kinky as the story progresses. I donít want to suck anyone into a story theyíre not ready to read. Hope you survive the more taboo chapters. ( I havenít had any fatales yet, and the response has been overwhelmingly open and supportive, but I have lost a couple readers along the way. This story isnít for everyone, and I never intended it to be.)

Half Blood Outcast2018.07.01 - 07:12PM63: Interpretation Signed
The ďone of usĒ line still has me laughing over here, which is unfortunate because now everyone in my house wants to know whatís so funny XD

Author's Response: Hahahaha! I love that. (Everyone in my house knows NOT to ask what Iím laughing about, as I might very well tell them :))

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