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Reviews for Idiot's Repose

greenwood2017.03.30 - 11:33PM2: TwoSigned
I have been away for a while but reading this one chapter brought be back to speed very fast. Great chapter. You can really feel like you are there and get the sense of frustration Severus has at his failure to be able to move. To be burned or buried alive would be as scary as it gets!

Aura Illumina2017.03.27 - 09:17AM2: TwoSigned
I can well relate in what you wrote in your A/N at the first chapter. It's been too long for me too away from the world of hp-fanfiction. I'm so glad I started reading this, very promising story. I actually cried, out loud, tears rolling down my cheeks, when I Harry and Hermione found him. And this sentence really touched my heart: "I knew she was clever, but I hadn't known she was kind." Thank you.

Minerva3942017.02.08 - 03:49PM2: TwoSigned
Thank you for not letting Severus suffer death for too long!

snapeismyman2017.02.06 - 10:58PM2: TwoSigned
Excellent start. I can't wait to see where this goes. I just nominated your Kindle Scout book and I hope all goes well with that.

NoorInaya2017.02.05 - 11:28PM2: TwoSigned
Very promising! Hope to see more soon!

Amr2017.02.05 - 06:25PM2: TwoSigned
I knew it. I knew Hermione would figure it out. And I really like your Severus, here. Lying immobilized, but willing to change his opinion of his students based on what he overhears. I hope they can keep him out of St. Mungo's--or that Harry or Hermione will go with him as protection. I look forward to your next posting.

loreen772017.02.05 - 08:46AM2: TwoSigned
Yeah Hermione for checking to see if he was really dead. I can't imagine the utter frustration Sev must be feeling.

Jong_Kahn2017.02.05 - 03:05AM2: TwoSigned
Poor Severus! How frustrating it has to be for him, locked into immobility. Glad to have read two chapters, and glad there'll be more. Thank you, Pooka!

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