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Reviews for Idiot's Repose

Mikimoto2017.04.17 - 01:36PM1: OneSigned
Personally, I am thankful for no lemons. They make me feel like a voyeur.

loreen772017.02.03 - 11:06PM1: OneSigned
I am so glad to see new work from you. It is an intriguing start. Trapped in ones own mind unable to alert anyone, what a nightmare for Severus.

Author's Response: A nightmare for me too, I think. Thanks! :)

Amr2017.02.03 - 01:00AM1: OneSigned
Great beginning! Poor Severus. He just can't catch a break, can he? But given the wide variety of curses possible, it seems a little careless of Flitwick to assume that he can tell someone is dead by merely pulling up their eyelid. He doesn't even take a pulse or do a diagnostic charm! But you wouldn't have started this story if he's simply buried alive, would you? I'm assuming someone (with the initials HJG?) will find him and work this out.

Author's Response: Lol. In Flitwick's defense, he does do a spell, but he's no healer. But fear not! I would never let the poor chap be buried alive. Thanks for reading!

greenwood2017.02.02 - 09:17PM1: OneSigned
I have not been up on Ashwinder for some time. I'm gald to have found this little gem waiting for me! I love this opening chapter. The world through the mind of Severus while he is unable to communicate at all is so diabolical given that Severus communicated with the slightest of facial movements or body language. It is a frightening thought to be in that position - paralized and thougth to be dead when you are not!

Author's Response: It scares me too. Probably where that nasty little plot bunny came from. Thanks!

emcnary2017.02.02 - 07:00PM1: OneSigned
Yay, a new story!

Author's Response: Yay! :)

shuldham2017.02.02 - 04:21PM1: OneSigned
Well hello and welcome back. I look forward to more, Pooka

Author's Response: Glad to be back! Having fun with this one.

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