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Reviews for Idiot's Repose

mom2divas2018.08.25 - 01:51PM9: NineSigned
I stumbled across this when I came to reread some of your other works. Loved this story! I especially liked getting to see it from Severusís point of view.

Inna_Chy2017.11.11 - 06:37AM5: FiveSigned
I really liked this story! It was a really fun read and I love that you didn't try to pack it full of angsty drama. But I have to ask a rather odd question... When you mentioned Hermione reading a muggle book called The Warlock's Bride, we're you referring to an actual book? I've looked online and can only find one book by that name and *nobody* has a copy... for less than $170. Used. So now I have to know for the sake of my bibliophilic sanity - we're you talking about a real book or was it just a really good random pick?

Author's Response: I made it up. Didn't know there was any such book. :)

Mikimoto2017.04.17 - 01:36PM1: OneSigned
Personally, I am thankful for no lemons. They make me feel like a voyeur.

greenwood2017.03.30 - 11:33PM2: TwoSigned
I have been away for a while but reading this one chapter brought be back to speed very fast. Great chapter. You can really feel like you are there and get the sense of frustration Severus has at his failure to be able to move. To be burned or buried alive would be as scary as it gets!

vickety2017.03.28 - 10:35AM9: NineSigned
This was fantastic! Thanks!

Aura Illumina2017.03.27 - 09:17AM2: TwoSigned
I can well relate in what you wrote in your A/N at the first chapter. It's been too long for me too away from the world of hp-fanfiction. I'm so glad I started reading this, very promising story. I actually cried, out loud, tears rolling down my cheeks, when I Harry and Hermione found him. And this sentence really touched my heart: "I knew she was clever, but I hadn't known she was kind." Thank you.

Mme_S2017.03.25 - 04:29PM9: NineSigned
Thank you for this sweet morsel; it was delightful! What a treat to read a real writer's work. I share your admiration of our Potions Master and always love to see him get the second chance he deserves. Best of luck with your original work! I hope to see it in print one day.

Subversa2017.03.23 - 03:36AM7: SevenSigned
Utterly charming. ♥♥

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