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Reviews for Night of the Nargles (Complete)

Snuffalus2017.03.19 - 07:25AM1: 1Signed
Wooo, here's another one that was thrilled when I saw you'd written a new story! My favorites page is loaded with your nifty stuff. And a fun premise on this one, a 'mature' Hermione. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Raeko2017.02.18 - 12:17AM5: 5Signed
This was lovely and fun and exactly what I wanted to read today, as it turns out, so I'm very glad you stopped in to share it with us!

Persevero2017.01.15 - 04:25PM5: 5Signed
Lovely to see you back PlaidPooka! And a splendid tale - funny and scary. Naked Journey was one of the first fics I ever read, goodness, over a decade ago.

Snapeaholic2017.01.07 - 07:53PM5: 5Signed
It was so great to see you back! Loved the story and appreciate you sharing it with us.

vze57t9j2017.01.02 - 10:57PM5: 5Signed
Very nice to see you back in HG/SS land, even if it is only for a little while! Excellent story <3

satigirl2016.12.30 - 03:36PM5: 5Signed
I was so glad to see a new story from you and this one did not disappoint. Loved it Thank you x

jasque2016.12.28 - 03:18AM5: 5Signed
Oh the joy that you bring in writing this lovely piece. You managed to capture the essence of finding something that was thought long gone. Thank you for such a beautiful piece of story!

Javoher2016.12.27 - 09:20AM5: 5Signed
Thank you for such a nice short story! It's very warm hearted. Adding the unicorn in made me remember your character Bob from many years ago. Also should readers just assume the death eaters entered the woods and were eaten, and skeletons will be recovered in the next day or two? Thank you for returning to this fandom, however briefly.

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