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Reviews for Night of the Nargles (Complete)

vickety2017.03.26 - 12:00PM5: 5Signed
This was great, but I really need one more chapter!! Haha. Thanks!

vickety2017.03.26 - 11:34AM2: 2Signed
I love that Hermione is a grown woman. Thanks for this story!

Snuffalus2017.03.19 - 07:25AM1: 1Signed
Wooo, here's another one that was thrilled when I saw you'd written a new story! My favorites page is loaded with your nifty stuff. And a fun premise on this one, a 'mature' Hermione. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Raeko2017.02.18 - 12:17AM5: 5Signed
This was lovely and fun and exactly what I wanted to read today, as it turns out, so I'm very glad you stopped in to share it with us!

Persevero2017.01.15 - 04:25PM5: 5Signed
Lovely to see you back PlaidPooka! And a splendid tale - funny and scary. Naked Journey was one of the first fics I ever read, goodness, over a decade ago.

Snapeaholic2017.01.07 - 07:53PM5: 5Signed
It was so great to see you back! Loved the story and appreciate you sharing it with us.

vze57t9j2017.01.02 - 10:57PM5: 5Signed
Very nice to see you back in HG/SS land, even if it is only for a little while! Excellent story <3

satigirl2016.12.30 - 03:36PM5: 5Signed
I was so glad to see a new story from you and this one did not disappoint. Loved it Thank you x

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