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Reviews for Doing it for the Order

LovesRickman2018.10.05 - 09:59AM33: EpilogueSigned
Loved this fix!! I think this is the first time I ever saw Lavender and Parvati not besties obsessed with boys and beauty! A very nice change indeed! Missy aka LovesRickman

bubbles282017.12.22 - 03:32AM11: Not What She OrderedSigned
It's interesting that Hermione being infertile at this point in her cycle didn't register with the curse.

Roma 2017.12.17 - 06:06PM1: Doing it for the OrderSigned
Loved their relationship progression. I rushed home from work a couple times to finish reading the story! Great job!

Pixie Dust2017.10.21 - 02:27PM33: EpilogueSigned
I just re-read this because it's awesome. My favorite chapter is what I nicknamed "the nose chapter ". I can't wait to read more of your work.

Lunalove222017.09.07 - 03:40PM33: EpilogueSigned
Thank you, I loved the story. x

Author's Response: Thank you so much x

Derelict Author2017.08.27 - 02:09PM33: EpilogueSigned
**WARNING: SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW** This was a very interesting story for me. I thought I had seen it all in our fandom, but you managed to surprise me! Dumbledore's death here was a nest twist, and Parvati being into Hermione was novel -- and I love LGBTQ inclusion in the fandom. There were parts where the characters definitely veered into OOC -- Hermione at spin the bottle and sporadically throughout, Severus seemed to "sob" more than seems canon, and the nickname "Vati" made me groan. The epilogue especially seemed hamhanded in truing to give a glimpse of the future, though you DO have a gift for comedic dialogue. Ron barely being noted was noticeable, as well. But boy, do you write some gripping scenes when you're on. The scene with Hermione finally discovering the enchantment's origins was immensely gripping -- the pacing was fantastic, and Snape's reasoning was SO real. Fantastically in character, even. And your smut scenes really were hot, even when they at times seemed a little thesaurusy. This is definitely a story I see myself rereading. The sex scenes are top notch, and your Snape is pretty darn good. I'm interested to see what else you may write!

kalechrus2017.05.05 - 10:55PM33: EpilogueSigned
I loved your story! I didn't think there could be a more touching and powerful use of the "Always" phrase than what we knew from canon, but I absolutely prefer yours. Thanks so much for the story. I am going to check out everything you write. Oh, and please keep posting on this site. I think many Severus fans keep coming here, even though we don't always review.

Author's Response: *Blushes* Thank you so much :) I hope you find another of mine to enjoy. And I will keep posting if people are happy to keep reading xx

kalechrus2017.05.04 - 05:25PM23: Secret OrdersSigned
I loved the "because ... fuck them" part. It's something I would say. Really enjoying this!

Author's Response: Yes, me too ;) x

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