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Reviews for An Hour of Snape

SandyKinns2017.08.17 - 02:46AM1: An Hour of SnapeSigned
Holy fuck. It's been years since I've even read fanfics (used to all the time), and much, much longer since I've read one as good as this. That ending! So perfect. Not sure I have any emotions yet as you've just drawn them all out of me. Loved the wandless door lock. Would love to read an epilogue!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! So pleased that you enjoyed this one xx I've been asked to provide an epilogue by quite a few people but not sure yet if I can see where it will go. Will be sure to post here if I do :) x

Andante8252017.03.15 - 10:25PM1: An Hour of SnapeSigned
This fic is so tightly written, fun and hot - I've reread it several times and it never fails to entertain. Gonads shriveling to the size of knuts gets me every time! I haven't written fanfic before, but would you accept a gift fic from Draco's POV (with other PFF clients)? I'm primarily on AO3.

Author's Response: Hey I saw you on AO3 - thank you for your lovely reviews on both sites. Wow, a gift? Of course, what an honour! That would be amazing. I'm so pleased that you are looking to take the plunge into fanfic . . . it is the creative outlet that I have been missing. I hope you love it as much as I do. DSxx

Tee123x2017.02.03 - 02:53PM1: An Hour of SnapeSigned
This is an awesome fic. I especially loved the ending - it was beyond cute :)

Author's Response: Thank you. So pleased that you enjoyed it :)

greenwood2017.02.02 - 10:19PM1: An Hour of SnapeSigned
What a witty smartly written sexy fic. I thought I would pee my pants with laughter at Snapes diologue! Very well done.

Author's Response: LOL. So pleased that you enjoyed a bit of a laugh too :)

emcnary2017.02.02 - 08:28PM1: An Hour of SnapeSigned
Honestly, this is amazing! Loved it.

Author's Response: Excellent. Thank you! <3

knic842017.01.29 - 12:22AM1: An Hour of SnapeSigned
I love this!! It's everything I love in a tryst-turned-forever (hopefully). Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you! And I join you in hoping for 'forever' ;)

vze57t9j2017.01.03 - 02:02AM1: An Hour of SnapeSigned
Absolutely fantastic! This has a little bit of something for everyone and enough sass and sweetness to keep folks entertained for a long time. Well done!!! <3

Author's Response: Excellent! So pleased that you enjoyed it. It was definitely one of my most enjoyable fics to write :) <3

kateccca2016.12.28 - 05:14PM1: An Hour of SnapeSigned
I loved it! First I laughed like crazy, (I think I must have woken up my neighbours) then I was really turned on, and then, when he "died and looked ashen", I could really empathise, I knew, of course, he would find himself with a handful of Hermione soon enough, but still, it was breathtakingly sad to read. Thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I love that this little oneshot could take you on a journey. So pleased to know. DSx

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