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Reviews for Silhouette

2campbell2016.12.12 - 12:28AM9: Chapter VIIISigned
Hi! I hope that the upcoming new year brings good changes for you and that you are inspired to continue writing. I have enjoyed your story immensely and on a selfish note, I would love to see you complete it.

Author's Response: The story will continue, for sure! There are only two days left before my Christmas holiday begins and I can devote a solid chunk of my day to updating the newest chapter. Be on the look out during the next week or so!

Leraiv Snape2016.11.13 - 11:35AM9: Chapter VIIISigned
This has been a thoroughly enjoyable story so far. Given the last line, and the fact that Harlowe has revealed that she is only 20, I've been trying to figure out if some how Harlowe and Hermione are the same person. In some ways, it seems like they could be and in other ways not so much. Either way, I remember picking this up some time ago and I'm glad to have done so again and found more to it. Happy writing!

Author's Response: I'm very glad you're still following along! The next chapter should be posted within the next two weeks or so.

AussieWolf2016.11.07 - 10:48PM9: Chapter VIIISigned
Sorry to hear about your troubles, I hope things continue to improve for you<3 This story has been worth the wait so far, thank you for continuing once you found the time!

Author's Response: Life has leveled out finally, which means I'll have time to update this story within the next two weeks or so.I'm thrilled you're continuing to follow along, despite my not so stellar updating schedule as of late. Hopefully that will change, be on the look out!

bluemooonie2016.11.02 - 11:16PM9: Chapter VIIISigned
So enjoying this story.

Author's Response: Yay! That makes me really happy!

ralovertoo622016.10.31 - 01:09PM9: Chapter VIIISigned
I am thoroughly enjoying your work and am eager to read the next installment. Way to go!

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review! The next installment should be soonish.

Sortiane2016.10.22 - 11:44AM9: Chapter VIIISigned
Ca me plait beaucoup ! Thank you very much

Author's Response: Merci beaucoup! Je suis ravi que vous appréciiez cette petite histoire. J'espère mettre à jour très bientôt.

wildly blue2016.10.22 - 06:56AM9: Chapter VIIISigned
HI, thanks for updating this. It's an intriguing story., and a good buildup to what I assume will be a collision of the 3 main characters. Great character development, dialogue, writing. Thank you. I hope that horrible is evolving into closure or at least workable in real life. I'm sorry it's been a rough time, hope that wirting this story gives you some sense of escape or warmer fuzzier feelings about life.

Author's Response: Thank you for such a lovely review! I really appreciate all of your kind words. I do hope to update here within the next two weeks or so.

Jinxed2016.10.22 - 02:53AM9: Chapter VIIISigned
I hope life is kinder to you from here on. I am really enjoying this story so far and was delighted to see it had been updated. Thank you for sharing it.

Author's Response: Life is indeed back to normal, thank you for the kinds words. The next chapter should be updated here very soon, I hope.

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