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Reviews for The Birth of Berenice

fynnsmom2017.02.20 - 09:46AM4: It All Depends How You Look At It. Signed
What a great story. Sorry I didn't leave a review for every chapter. I really enjoyed reading this. Have you thought about a sequel?

deedeebug952017.01.11 - 06:10PM4: It All Depends How You Look At It. Signed
What a great little story!! I love these two and can see them being so socially awkward that they would not have a clue how to give clues as to the way they really feel!! Well done!

vlinder12017.01.06 - 05:23AM4: It All Depends How You Look At It. Signed
More awkwardness!! Be still my beating heart. All the misunderstandings between them, it's a miracle they even got to this point. I love that they got together (but then again the category kinda let me know they would ;p) Hahaha, love the ending. Is this really the ending? No epilogue? Even if we say pretty please? Lovely story.

vlinder12017.01.06 - 05:18AM3: An Afternoon VisitSigned
I like that this is from both Hermione's as Severus' POV. They are just so awkwardly sweet. I just want to hug them both. Hahaha, oh Severus. How should a woman respond to that :) Let's see what she will say. Next chapter here I come.

vlinder12017.01.06 - 05:14AM2: A Failure of MinervaSigned
Ooh, Rose is pregnant herself! Lol, Rose is certainly her mother's daughter. I do wonder what she did to get those memories. And poor Rose, indeed the Weasley's don't seem to have the best luck moneywise. NOOOO!! Why aren't Hermione and Severus together?! Why!!! They need eachother! Aren't I lucky that you already have the next chapters written. Of to see if they get together in the next chapter :D

vlinder12017.01.06 - 03:14AM1: CupboardSigned
It has been too long. So long ago I saw you had updated your other story, but I had fallen a bit out of the Harry Potter fandom and your other story was a bit daunting. It is well written, but I was behind so much already, so I always thought to myself, 'tomorrow when I have proper time to read it properly'. But then I saw you had written another story. And in these free times, I thought, let's read that. And am I glad I did. The first chapter was lovely! I really liked the POV and the telling of the story. It kept me in the dark for some time about who was telling the story and to whom. Of course I thought I knew quite early on, but I learned to never that things for granted. It was nice the story was indeed told by Rose to Scorpius and Hugo. What a character Alexandra is!! Such rotteness inside her. Poor Snape for thinking he raped her and gotten her pregnant. Just terrible. And Hermione is great as well. I do have a soft spot for stories in which she is pregnant and there are troubles with the father of the child and Snape sweeps in (maybe more of a sadist than I like to think I am ;p) I am very curious to see how the next chapters will be. Will it continue after the birth or will it revert back in time. But that will have to wait for a small time, since I need to be somewhere in half an hour and I know I will be late if I read the next chapter. Poor me ;p

loreen772016.12.28 - 09:17AM4: It All Depends How You Look At It. Signed
That was the perfect awkward conversation and declaration of love. I loved how stilted and choppy it was. It makes it so much more authentic!

loreen772016.12.28 - 08:52AM3: An Afternoon VisitSigned
I did not get the PM. Was it sent to my email?

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