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Reviews for Three Little Words

snapehermione3942016.11.19 - 03:34PM1: Three Little WordsSigned
Interesting... Completely threw me off with the last paragraph..... I think that Hermione may be a bit OOC but still an great plot...

Pearle2016.09.12 - 02:21PM1: Three Little WordsSigned
Wow, great read. I love the last line. While the details of their lives and time together was obviously leading up to something, and i thought it might be sinister, i never would have guessed it was because she said she loved him. Well done!

Kittens2016.09.12 - 05:00AM1: Three Little WordsSigned
Fantastic. I was almost convinced it was some meandering, wishful-thinking tale about the 'perfect projected' heroine. And then the last paragraph gave me hope. And the last line made the home run. Amongst intellectuals, there has always been the argument of 'how far is too far?'

loreen772016.09.09 - 09:55PM1: Three Little WordsSigned
Very unique twist. Interesting.

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

Jong_Kahn2016.09.09 - 07:13PM1: Three Little WordsSigned
Let's see: You made it clear how much Hermione did in the world at large, how much Severus truly valued their marriage, including their three Hufflepuff children. And her hair is silver now, which points to them having been married for some decades. He knew she loved him, even before she told him. It's for these reasons I cannot buy the premise of your last line. If their marriage had only been a few months, even a few years long, I might buy the idea of the rogue recalcitrant Slytherin who refused to be entirely tamed. But in it for so long and so successfully? Naw--he was happily married, even if he might never have said those words himself to her. An interesting tale, nonetheless.

Author's Response: Ah, yes, but....Who says he was happily married? Sure, their children are grown, but is her hair silver from stress, as is wont to happen to those in political leadership, from age, or from dark magic? Under what circumstances did she say it? To manipulate him? Was it the one thing he'd asked for? We don't know! It is not supposed to be fun or even happy. :-\

emmarick2016.09.08 - 07:29PM1: Three Little WordsSigned
So completely not what I expected at the end. Fantastic, unexpected twist.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! <3

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