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Reviews for Debaucery

LovesRickman2018.10.17 - 07:33PM14: SybartfulSigned
Ooohh lovely little twist at chapter end!!! Loving this fix and I am a sucker for a shocking twist! Missy aka LovesRickman

emcnary2017.02.21 - 10:05AM19: DebauchérieSigned
Hot, as always. And very sweet and poignant as well. I love how they end up together, two broken people finding a way to fix each other. Loved it!

Author's Response: Yes, I think that's why I love these characters so much. So broken but with so much depth and loss in their histories. Always my OTP. Thanks again for your lovely reviews. x

emcnary2017.02.20 - 08:14AM16: NefairytalesSigned
I love the action in these last two chapters. I was wondering, too, where the potion was going to come into play-well done! You've done a great job setting up Severus' character to seem to be only interested in sexual gratification and fulfilling his own needs, when in reality, he's just trying to cope. He and Hermione coming together in the wilderness is well-done. It's interesting that she comes to realize what he's really about.

Author's Response: Yes, the time in the Scottish wilds seemed to do wonders didn't it? I'm sure it was all that fresh water ;) This fic was a bit more of an adventure than my others which was a nice change. Glad you have found it fun too.

emcnary2017.02.19 - 10:25PM8: GluttawdrySigned
I'm not one to review every chapter (which is ironic b/c I want ever reader to review every chapter of my story!), but I had to review again so i could say...Nice!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: LOL. I'm the same. But I do appreciate you taking the time to give such generous feedback. xx

emcnary2017.02.19 - 10:12PM7: SalaciositySigned
Ah! Love it! I love Hermione talking with McGonogall (and as an aside, I love Dumbledore calling her 'Minnie'), and I love Hermione being all Gryffindor trying to figure Snape out.

Author's Response: Some of the dialogue was actually written by the reader that gave me this idea. That scene, which I love, was written by her (Marriage1988) so I can't take any credit for the deliciousness. But I will pass on your kind words. <3

emcnary2017.02.19 - 06:50PM2: PervoracitySigned
Poor Hermione!!!!! Nobody like to start the day off on a bad foot, and hers just kept getting worse. "That's my hand job hand" make me laugh out loud:). This story should keep me entertained until another chap of 'Doing it for the Order' is posted!

Author's Response: Yes, things really didn't start off well between them. And it was quite a long road to redemption I think. DIFTO is 33 chapters long so we have a little way to go :)

gurl1862017.02.19 - 10:05AM1: DebaucerySigned
i love this story! sorry i'm a bit late to the party, but i enjoyed this nonetheless!

Author's Response: Hey, never too late! So pleased that you enjoyed it. Thanks for the feedback <3

tialangela2016.11.19 - 10:48AM19: DebauchérieSigned
Wow. So intense and hot. Thank you for sharing!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing. Pleased to know that you enjoyed it :)

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