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Reviews for Getting Personal

greysky82017.03.02 - 04:20AM2: They Did the Monster Mash (Second Half)Signed
Love your Luna! YO HO HO!

Author's Response: :D *Snort* I love Luna in general.

greysky82017.03.02 - 03:50AM1: They Did the Monster Mash (First Half)Signed
Great story for insomniac me. Love your pirate in black (most likely kill you in the morning) ( Oh, PLEASE get that joke!) I, like Hermione, actually had a lovely, dark pirate type of my own years ago. Also caused dissociative disorder. Must be a pirate thing, neh?

Author's Response: Bahahahahahaha! You're the first person to ever mention the reference. I debated a long time over whether to use it (I didn't know if I should mix imaginary worlds). But I didn't want to linger over his appearance, and that summed it up so perfectly. (And who hasn't seen The Princess Bride? I figured everyone would get it.) I have no idea if dissociative states are strictly the domain of pirates, but I think that's a worthy path of inquiry :)

tjturtle2017.01.23 - 03:45PM1: They Did the Monster Mash (First Half)Signed
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for SafetyConscious!Snape. I know that it seems less sexy to add things like him making sure she tells her friends where she's going, but the number of noobs I've had to teach RACK and safety awareness to because they found out about kink from FF and romance novels which often put that on the back burner, means that this is a welcome addition. THANK YOU. Also I love your writing and will be borrowing Hermione's fan for the remainder of the story.

Author's Response: You're welcome :) I like a safe story (although I didn't make that clear enough in TMG). Safety is sexy; it shows respect and caring. (Also I spent my teen years watching Lifetime movies and scaring the piss out myself, so now I'm pretty cautious.) Hope you enjoy the rest of the story :)

coolarrow72016.12.24 - 02:39PM24: Epilogue: Trick or TreatSigned
Beautiful story.

Author's Response: Thank you <3

tialangela2016.12.14 - 05:37PM24: Epilogue: Trick or TreatSigned
Wow. That was one long fucking fantastic story!

Author's Response: Hahahahaha! Thank you <3 Long and fucking fantastic was exactly what I was aiming for. I like my stories like I like my men :)

Mornamac2016.12.11 - 06:24AM24: Epilogue: Trick or TreatSigned
I didn't take to this immediately- It felt more like a Dom/sub relationship rather than hermione /snape - a few chapters in though I felt like something clicked and I felt myself being really drawn in by the characters and the relationship felt believable between them rather than a scenario being imposed on them. By the end I loved it and it's one of the fics that has really stuck with me. Thanks for writing :)

Author's Response: :) It is more of a fluffy-feely Dom/sub story. I'm glad you stuck with it and that you enjoyed it so much. I'm also pleased to hear that it stuck with you. In the world of fanfiction that is a feat. Thank you very much for the review. (I needed something to get me through my editing today.) <3

Acciosanity2016.11.07 - 12:38PM1: They Did the Monster Mash (First Half)Signed
This story broke me. You get it and you put it so beautifully into words. You understand both the need for darkness and light and I've never read anything that voiced it so perfectly. Thank you for writing. I think something healed in my heart through this story.

Author's Response: Well first off, I love your user name (bonus points for making me snort out my water). And I absolutely love hearing that this touched you so deeply. You've made my day. :)

fedora_girl2016.11.06 - 03:10AM24: Epilogue: Trick or TreatSigned
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can't decide which of your fics I like better. I love your writing voice (especially how you describe things) and characterizations. I also loved the letters throughout this fic. Keep writing!

Author's Response: You're welcome :) And thank you for reviewing <3 I'll be back with more soon.

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