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Reviews for Seeds

loreen772016.08.24 - 09:00AM2: Part IISigned
Freaking fantastic. Truly one of my new favorites. I loved their interactions at the end and the way you left it open for the readers imagination to run wild from here was perfect. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you. It was pretty fun to write and read up on the research for this story. I didn't include authors notes, as that would have given away my writing style for the fest in which I was to remain anonymous until the reveal at the end, but I read this interesting research on those who did the pilgrimage for the Great Mysteries here: http://www.ciis.edu/Documents/07_keller.pdf And don't forget to check out the fan art I commissioned that goes with it too: http://unripehamadryad.deviantart.com/art/Hades-and-Persephone-611368051

loreen772016.08.24 - 08:39AM1: Part ISigned
Wonderful start. I admit I was a little apprehensive at the idea of a myth/ potter world mash up story, but I love this. Your writing style flows perfectly in the story and after the first chapter I find myself a little sad that there will only be one more. You earn a 10!

LaBaba2016.08.13 - 03:01PM2: Part IISigned
I love your telling of the story! It was wonderfully written - thank you for sharing!

Author's Response: Thank you.

Anna Perenna2016.08.13 - 07:01AM1: Part ISigned
Wow!! Thank you for this wonderful story! *.*

Author's Response: Thanks. :)

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