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Reviews for Teacher, Death Eater, Soldier, Spy

Tarantulates2018.08.10 - 11:03PM6: Never Try To Out-Slytherin A SlytherinSigned
This was wonderful, and so funny!

tialangela2016.12.13 - 11:11AM6: Never Try To Out-Slytherin A SlytherinSigned
I loved this story in so many levels. There's subtle humor, nice dialogues and a very believable plot. Bravo! P.S.: diddid the name Amanda Watson came from the "Sherlock" series, with Amanda Abbington being Mrs.Watson?

Bree2016.10.09 - 01:43AM6: Never Try To Out-Slytherin A SlytherinSigned
Very well written and sweet story. Thank you

Subversa2016.09.27 - 05:05AM6: Never Try To Out-Slytherin A SlytherinSigned
Simply lovely, from beginning to end. A very nicely written Lucius Malfoy, and boy, did you hit the high points on Severus' strengths and weaknesses.

On thing that you excel at is humor! I can't tell you how many times I smiled, but this last chapter made me laugh out loud three times.

“Perhaps. Then again, I rode a dragon when I was nineteen, I don’t need to get my adrenaline kicks now

He was acting somewhere between an Erumpent with a grievance and a Green Tree Frog trying to protect its favourite tree from loggers.

. . . before Lucius directed her to the more conventional fireplace

In short, my dear, brava! A thoroughly enjoyable tale.

Subversa2016.09.27 - 04:01AM1: A Suspicious PackageSigned
What an auspicious beginning!

Snape_addict742016.09.25 - 03:51AM6: Never Try To Out-Slytherin A SlytherinSigned
Very enjoyable. Thanks!

petitemegling2016.09.17 - 12:56AM6: Never Try To Out-Slytherin A SlytherinSigned
Lovely and charming :) I laughed out loud at the line where Hermione tries to floo out of an alcove. Sweet & just what I needed today

Ghislaine2016.09.14 - 08:51PM1: A Suspicious PackageSigned
I never thought I would be grateful to Lucius Malfoy, but your story made me (almost) want to hug him for getting Severus to admit his feelings. A lovely piece of work.

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