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Reviews for The Woods

PaigeNoelle2017.03.21 - 05:32AM1: The WoodsSigned
I love this! I love it's format, I love the imagery, I love the originality! I'm a big fan of DH fics told from Hermione and Snape's point of view, but they can sometimes be tedious due to such close following of the book and the dialogue. This is great. We get to see where the stories differ and feel all the emotion around it, without having to relive all of the details we already know. ❤️Great job!

deejay2016.11.19 - 09:29PM1: The WoodsSigned
What a nice format to tell the story. Very well done.

Gersknightlady2016.08.07 - 11:51AM1: The WoodsSigned
I don't often read stories in Verse, but you did a wonderful job. Very original and entertaining.

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

fedora_girl2016.08.04 - 02:11AM1: The WoodsSigned
The poem's rhythm was beautiful. Lyrical, my friend!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :)

loreen772016.08.03 - 10:03PM1: The WoodsSigned
Well done. Great story and interesting style. I really liked this.

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

Shebatortle2016.08.02 - 12:22PM1: The WoodsSigned
Very nice! I like the Old English/Beowulf-y feel to the structure.

turtlebug2016.08.01 - 08:01PM1: The WoodsSigned
Amazing. Absolutely love it.

Greengem2016.08.01 - 07:10PM1: The WoodsSigned
Wow. Perfect.

Author's Response: Thank you ♥♥

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