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Reviews for Yes, Miss Granger

slpkfast2016.10.23 - 09:16AM3: Chapter 03Signed
I love how you're telling this story. It gets really hot, then you temper it with humanity and humor. Again, your writing is fantastic. The story is sweet and spicy and oh, so engaging. Thank you for sharing.

slpkfast2016.10.23 - 09:03AM1: Chapter 01Signed
Your writing is excellent, both prose and dialog. The story is smoking hot, and I'm already hooked. Thank you for sharing.

alien_duck2016.07.25 - 06:41AM4: Chapter 04Signed
Really enjoyed this but was taken out of the story a bit by the outfits. Maybe I missed something somewhere but in the previous chapter the room changed their clothing, and in this it was back to the original outfits. Just a little distracting which is a pity.

loreen772016.07.21 - 11:35PM4: Chapter 04Signed
Brava, loved it!!!!!

loreen772016.07.21 - 10:56PM3: Chapter 03Signed
Lol, free lifetime supply of hair care products would be amazing.

loreen772016.07.21 - 10:21PM2: Chapter 02Signed
Your writing style is perfect for this scenario. I typically prefer sub-Hermione, but you have me riveted with the idea of her as a Dom.

loreen772016.07.21 - 09:44PM1: Chapter 01Signed
Excellent start, love the playful dialogue. Can't wait to see where you take this.

Laced2016.07.19 - 02:27PM2: Chapter 02Signed
I'm loving Domme-Hermione and I think the present tense narrative is going to work really well when they get down to the hanky panky. ;) Looking forward to more! x

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