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Reviews for Tango

kbuggmusic2017.04.01 - 11:31AM1: TangoSigned
I've been a reader in this community for almost 10 years and have never left a review. I know, shame on me. This is so good! I keep coming back to read it. It's my new favorite. Well done!

Author's Response: Wow! I am so honoured that you chose one of my fics as your very first to review. I'm a bit late on the scene so I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. Feel free to review any of my other stories if you are ever so inclined :) x

kudlatek2017.03.04 - 03:49PM5: Tango-ing OffSigned
Delicious. I love the idea of Severi!

Author's Response: Thank you. So do I ;)

coolarrow72017.01.22 - 03:53AM5: Tango-ing OffSigned
Great story!

Author's Response: Thank you. Pleased that you enjoyed it :)

Pixie Dust2016.11.25 - 01:41PM5: Tango-ing OffSigned
Wow! This was hot!

Author's Response: Thank you! It's probably the smuttiest fic I've written to date. Not a lot of plot, but sometimes that can be fun to experiment with too :)

bralon2016.11.11 - 06:10AM2: Tango-ing OnSigned
Silly me didn't see you already wrote more!! Yaaay!! Gonna go read it! :D

Author's Response: Hey, did you end up finishing? This one has a helluva lot of lemons in it . . .

bralon2016.11.11 - 06:09AM1: TangoSigned
Omg Severus is dripping with sensuality in this story! Think I'll picture him everytime I hear a tango song! I only have one thing to say... Please please continue!! Dont leave us (and Hermione!) panting for more! The sexiness of Snape must continue!! Pretty please?? *makes puppy eyes along with reviwer below*

Author's Response: Yes, I must admit I'm quite taken with this Severus. And feel free to beg for the next chapters. Although, as you point out, there are a few more already written :)

Toblass2016.10.31 - 12:28AM5: Tango-ing OffSigned
Holy moly! What a fun ride that was! Loved the tango-ing and it was fun to get inside their heads. Thanks for this story, I really enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Hahah! It was fun to run with something with basically no storyline. It started as a oneshot and grew chapter by chapter so there wasn't any particular view to establishing much of a plot. But I did enjoy getting inside them, so to speak ;)

Zarrid2016.09.04 - 03:18AM5: Tango-ing OffSigned
What a delicious story! Loved it <3

Author's Response: Excellent! :) <3

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