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Reviews for Teaching Miss Granger

bralon2017.04.07 - 08:12AM1: The Miseducation Of Hermione GrangerSigned
Oh wow, such a hot beginning!! You're an amazing writer, especially when it comes to lemons hehe xD I can see myself reading this story non-stop!

Author's Response: Excellent :) I'm glad you're liking the start. Hope you enjoy what's to come <3

Mornamac2016.12.14 - 04:58PM32: All Apologies (Part One)Signed
I loved this chapter - it actually made me laugh out loud!!

Author's Response: Excellent :) I like this chapter too.

lizhamilton882016.11.17 - 02:24AM65: Epilogue: Four Years LaterSigned
Wow. Just wow. I have read a LOT of SS/HG very-very-long fanfiction in my day, and I swear I can't get enough of it, and I generally troll the internet once or twice a year to see if any brilliant minds have taken this Ship to a dazzling new height -- and YOU. HAVE. SUCCEEDED! Holy crap. This is going into my favorites, forever. I read the comments; there's a sequel! And I just finished reading it... Blast, you really know how to leave us all wanting more SS/HG/DM! *chants* Give Us More, Give Us More! In all seriousness, TMG = best fic I've ever, ever read, hands down. Will you *please* please please write your voracious readers something lascivious featuring (my now favorite grouping!!!) SS/HG/DM? Gawd!

Author's Response: Well crap, I somehow missed your review when you posted it, and I've just noticed it this morning. Nice surprise for me (but you must have thought I was ignoring you). I do apologize :) Thank you so much for the story love. I'm honored. I am in the process of writing a long story involving LM/SS/HG/DM, so your wishes will be granted +1. And all my stuff is lascivious, so have no fear in that department :) I've got a couple more oneshots to get up here--I hope that keeps everybody primed for more. Thank you, again, so much for the review. It is greatly appreciated <3

McGill2016.11.03 - 09:03PM65: Epilogue: Four Years LaterSigned
I've never left a review before, however I wanted to give you my sincere thanks for such an amazing story. Lately things haven't been the best in that department and as I have been reading all of your stories, things have heated up more than ever! Your stories have encouraged me to talk to my hubby and we are finally back on the right path! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and please don't stop writing!

Author's Response: Wow. I'm am beyond touched by your review. I don't usually cry at 7:30 in the morning, but you got me right in the feels. I never want to force any messages down my reader's throat (people can interpret art however they like), but I can't deny how much I love to hear that someone was personally affected by something I wrote. (And I always love hearing that my stories inspired some great sex.) I am truly elated that you talked to your husband and became closer as a result. I applaud your honesty and bravery, and I wish you as much happiness as you can stand :)

FreeRaven2016.09.25 - 10:54PM65: Epilogue: Four Years LaterSigned
I loved everything about this story. You have superb will power and congratulations for completing this! I've followed it into the sequel as well. Definitely one of the best reads of this ship. THANK YOU!

Author's Response: Thank you <3 I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much.

FreeRaven2016.09.06 - 11:00PM31: Reunited and it Feels So Good (Part Two)Signed
Snape's monologue was deep. Well done indeed!

Author's Response: Thank you. I like that bit too. :) Hope you like where the story goes next.

VAS2016.08.30 - 12:05AM65: Epilogue: Four Years LaterSigned
RE: Congratulations on a masterful and fascinating story. For years I have been thinking that Hogwarts was a simply a place for foolish wand waving, mischievous ghosts, and efficient house elves, you have created a new dimension. Your clear understanding of the entire BDSM, SLASH process and relationships was far from offensive but sensual and informative. The clear explanations and reasons without being overly salacious or clinical gave a thorough clarity to a rarely raised topic. The characters talking inside their heads were hysterical and made the actual interchanges between Severus & Hermione quite hysterical and very real at times. Loved your Draco! He became such a delicious and adorable ‘third.’ Having read the stories through twice, I enjoyed I Can Dream and absolutely loved Sophie and Severus’ take on her was enchanting. I am sure that six years later when she appeared in real life, Sophie was the same captivating little girl. Thank you for sharing your wonderful writing and imagery. Oh to be 20 again with the knowledge and opportunities…

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a detailed review. I really do appreciate people who take the time to tell me when they like something. And I love hearing what stuck with you the most. Thank you kindly for all the compliments, and I'm so glad to hear you liked ICDAY too (I think I want everyone to love Sophie like I do). And returning to 20 would be advantageous. Hmmm. Ce la vie.

Svshhshegsgshshd2016.08.26 - 01:57PM65: Epilogue: Four Years LaterSigned
God, this is hands down the best fanfic I've ever read. I wish it were a book so I could buy it. Do you have any books published?

Author's Response: Thank you very much. You're far too kind. No, I don't have any books published. I don't think I'm ready to write a real book yet. I'm honing my craft in the meantime. :)

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