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Reviews for On the Origins of Fairy Circles

loreen772016.06.05 - 05:59PM6: A Strangely Slytherin PartnershipSigned
Lol, Severus is so mean. Love that he left her hanging.

loreen772016.04.25 - 11:40PM5: Fireplace full of BogeysSigned
Seems like we will end up in a war of the roses scenario. Very funny to see them both get so worked up.

loreen772016.04.25 - 11:33PM4: Snape in NamibiaSigned
Just a egotistical isn't he. Lol.

loreen772016.04.17 - 11:31PM3: Care of Magical Creatures ColloquiumSigned
As a scientist myself I kinda agree with Severus. Correlation does not equal causation. I am enjoying this and look forward to more.

Author's Response: I totally do agree! I am glad you are enjoying this, and will post more as soon as I'm able! So many papers... haha

loreen772016.04.17 - 11:24PM2: In the LairSigned
Love the idea of herbivore dragon!

loreen772016.04.17 - 11:16PM1: The Newfound Relevance of the Dragon's Curse Signed
Very interesting start. I love it when author's include real people and ideas. It gives me a more connected feeling to the characters. Good luck with your paper.

Jong_Kahn2016.04.17 - 03:20AM2: In the LairSigned
Okay, you've mentioned them twice already, so I must ask: What is it with the Shirley Temples? I can't tell whether or not you're British, as that may have something to do with it. As an American, my own exposure to those non-alcoholic beverages was as a child, for whom they were invented (as I understand it). My dad belonged to a fraternal organization, and we would go to their restaurant for the occasional fancy night out. My parents would have their own adult beverages, and my kid sister and I would have "kiddie cocktails" as they were called. They were really quite tasty, and I remember asking the waiter what they were called. "A Shirley Temple," I was told, "made of ginger ale and a few drops of grenadine syrup." They were served in a champagne glass, so it looked grown-up to us, though it was really glorified soda pop. I can't say I've heard of them being imbibed by adults as regularly as Hermione seems to be ordering them here. I am not at all criticizing, merely observing my own different experience with that drink. It just seems like she would either order a regular (more usual) soft drink, or a "virgin" Pina Colada (just pineapple and coconut juices without the rum), say. If it's common for British adults to order Shirley Temples, that's what I need to know. I just hadn't encountered it as something an adult was used to ordering, that's all. Carry on!

Author's Response: Haha, I'm not at all British. Shirley Temple's aren't always non-alcoholic, but they are tasty! I don't really know why I picked that. But It seems like a drink you might get at a resort that you wouldn't really get in real life, like it was part of your vacation. And then when she ordered it twice, it was for consistency, because I imagine Hermione as the kind of person who sticks with the same order for a while. Thanks for making me think about this!

Jong_Kahn2016.04.17 - 03:01AM1: The Newfound Relevance of the Dragon's Curse Signed
Wow--this is quite a beginning! Very interesting, and I'm glad to know the current research and researchers are actually being used in this--makes it ever so much more believable. The one thing I questioned was how a native of Namibia would know about Raven lore of the Inuit. But you probably have an excellent explanation for that, so I will patiently await finding out the how and why! Great beginning.

Author's Response: Actually, that's not something I wrote into the story, but you're right: it does seem like a hole. For the sake of closing the hole, I will say that raven lore is widespread. Europeans also have raven hunting companions, and other cultures as well. Since Namibia has a history of colonization by the Dutch, perhaps some information was transferred over. Other than that, perhaps he just has time to talk to different guests at the resort ;) Hope that answers your question!

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