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Reviews for Being Muggle-born

Andante8252017.04.08 - 08:10PM1: PrologueSigned
A realistic and drama-free path for Hermione and Severus. I love your gentle pacing, their emails back and forth, and especially the setting. I enjoyed your method of escaping death for Severus, especially the Portkey to a friendly coven, and therapy would be a must. Lovely work and a satisfying ending.

deejay2017.03.22 - 01:38AM12: EpilogueSigned
This story is perfect. I enjoyed the fact that Severus was helped so much by therapy and revealed so much to his therapist in spite of her skepticism.

Aura Illumina2017.03.19 - 02:58PM12: EpilogueSigned
This was the first Fanfiction I've read about in ten years, and I'm glad I did. This was just so perfect in every way. I enjoyed every word of it. Thank you. Would love to read more of your work someday.

Mikimoto2017.03.16 - 01:53PM12: EpilogueSigned
In every choice, there is both risk and reward. I like how Severus slowly sees the scale sliding from high risk to high reward. Each chance he takes is rewarded more than he expects. It makes you wonder whether we stop ourselves from taking chances because we expect the worst rather than the best. Thank you for sharing your story.

londonlupin2017.03.07 - 11:17PM12: EpilogueSigned
I really enjoyed this story - I guess we'd all like to think Snape is out there, living his life as his own man.

madpip2017.03.03 - 05:31PM1: PrologueSigned
Thankyou for a lovely read. Please write more stories!

HazelWitch912017.03.03 - 12:30AM8: Chapter 7Signed
"Severus also watched a YouTube clip of a BBC version of Sense and Sensibility in which Colonel Brandon looked like a fairer-haired and slightly heavier version of himself." HAHAHAHAHAHA love this part!!! <3

HazelWitch912017.03.02 - 03:50PM1: PrologueSigned

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