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Reviews for Grape Juice

emcnary2017.02.06 - 09:31PM2: Grape to See YouSigned
Oh my, I love this so far! I laughed my way through chapter 2. Pile of forks on the next table to stab himself with just about did me in.

Author's Response: LOL. I'm glad it gave you a giggle. I hope you enjoyed the rest :)

splinteredflame2017.01.18 - 04:01AM2: Grape to See YouSigned
Omg, "fat and floury" is the perfect way to describe a scalded tongue!! Thank you for the great imagery as always!

Author's Response: LOL. Glad you enjoyed it. Speaking from experience of course! ;) DSx

Ljpjcg2016.11.26 - 11:25AM7: The Grapest Love of AllSigned
So smutty and soooo funny I can't even tell you what my favorite parts were. I'm about to read it again. And again when I'm home alone tonight ;-P

Author's Response: Hahaha! That's great. Thank you! I love it when people enjoy my sense of humour. <3

Toblass2016.11.04 - 02:35PM7: The Grapest Love of AllSigned
I had so much fun reading this little gem! So many great scenes and there were so many times I sat there reading with my mouth impossibly wide, either in shock or laughing. I loved this Hermione; not only because she is an artist, but her quirky sense of humor as well. I could really envision all her hand and cock sketches everywhere! So many great lines...omg! And that bit with the hand cream? LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! And if Minerva only knew how that piece was "painted"... Once again you've created a wonderful story with our favorite couple whose lives are less than perfect, yet they find what they need in each other. Brava!

Author's Response: LOL. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it. This quirky little fic was so much fun to write. It was my first story that is solely from Sev's POV and as you can see, he's not quite the Wizard he is in AAA or Db! But, as you say, neither are perfect but they are perfect for each other. Thank you again. I love receiving your reviews. DSx

Katiec2016.05.30 - 02:58PM7: The Grapest Love of AllSigned
Laugh out loud funny. Please keep writing!

Author's Response: I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it :)

Breath2016.05.27 - 06:17PM7: The Grapest Love of AllSigned
Dear Desert Sea, thank you so much for your stories. I truly love them. Sometimes I have difficulties not to abandon my work for its hard to stop reading. One can not read in public or while eating because one can not be sure when the next outburst of laughter is befallIng the reader. You are truly whitty! I do hope, you get the sense of my strange english writing because I did'nt it since I went to shool. Please don't stop with your gorgeous fanfiction's. All the best wishes from Bavaria. Sigrid

Author's Response: Dear Sigrid, thank you so much for your very kind review. How exciting to receive greetings from Bavaria! I'm so pleased that you appreciate my sense of humour. I don't know how much longer I will be writing fanfics for but I'm certainly enjoying them at the moment. Your English is fine! I appreciate you taking the time to write. DS x

E Stelex2016.04.20 - 06:35PM6: Be Not Afraid of GrapenessSigned
I believe I caught a couple of typos: "and I begin (began) to wonder if there might (be) something seriously wrong with me.

E Stelex2016.04.20 - 10:59AM1: Grapes of WrathSigned
I noticed a typo, "Hed down enough firewhisky..." Should be downed, I believe. I'm re-reading your wonderful story and just caught the typo. Thanks again for a charming tale.

Author's Response: Thanks for those, I will go and check them out. I appreciate it :)

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