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SirSeverusSnapeHBP2016.02.02 - 09:58AM1: Signed
"How can you stand to watch this…this stupidity of false tears and horrible story lines?" Very good start to this chapter. It sums up my thoughts well. I have tried very hard to come up with something good to say about this story, and have kept reading, hoping in vain to see it improve. Unrecognizable characters, broad leaps of friendships between characters who hated each other in the books, and no back story to explain them? Teeny-bopper angst about trivial matters? Unbelievable plot, lousy writing, you leave me wondering why you thought this "story" should be written down. It's puerile and does not improve with familiarity.

Author's Response: What are you trying to say? You use large words trying to make yourself sound intelligent and all you've done is confuse me. If all you're going to do is criticize my work, then don't read. And the least you could do is leave CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

loreen772016.01.31 - 10:32PM1: Signed
Glad he admitted that he is interested in her too.

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