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Sarablade2016.01.23 - 02:29PM1: Signed
Drunk. Incapable. And now she must deal with her parents dropping him uninvited? Better be hexed.thanks a lot

Jong_Kahn2016.01.23 - 01:39AM1: Signed
Hermione being mortified at the end finally rings true to her character. Hermione not being very embarrassed earlier, thinking she wouldn't have to go in to work because she was hung over does not seem like Hermione Granger--just some slacker chick that went out clubbing too late the night before work. You saved it by her being properly embarrassed at the end, but the earlier part of the chapter seems OOC for the takes-everything-seriously Hermione we know.

loreen772016.01.22 - 10:31PM1: Signed
Caught in a compromising position by the parents, how horribly awkward for her.

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