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Reviews for Catspaws

adelgado2016.02.15 - 09:23PM18: Chapter EighteenSigned
always glad to get rid of Peeves. But can he 'come back' form such a fate? Looking forward to the next chapter. thanks for writing

Author's Response: No, Peeves is gone for good - at least in Catspaws.

Jong_Kahn2016.01.22 - 01:35PM18: Chapter EighteenSigned
So Tom Riddle actually did one useful, good thing: he provided the way to permanently entrap Peeves. Good chapter--and glad to have you back.

Author's Response: I've even got a page of the next chapter written!

loreen772016.01.20 - 07:53PM18: Chapter EighteenSigned
Hi again. I am so glad to see you back with a new chapter. I love this story and gladly reread from the start. Bye bye Peeves. Yup, figured it has to be Tom. Great idea to have Peeves enter the trap to fetch the felines. I look forward to the next installment.

verasuspense2016.01.19 - 03:50PM18: Chapter EighteenSigned
Aha, I was right ! It was Tom Riddle. I hope there won't be such a long wait for the next update.

Author's Response: I hope not - there's one, maybe two, more chapters to go.

baby_blue2016.01.19 - 07:15AM18: Chapter EighteenSigned
Glad to see this story isn't abandoned. Love it.

Author's Response: Not abandoned, just went into hibernation for a while.

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