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Reviews for a melody en passant

Gersknightlady2016.08.18 - 12:24AM3: EpilogueSigned
gads that was WAY to short. It was a lovely story. Thank you.

Gersknightlady2016.08.18 - 12:20AM2: Part TwoSigned
Really loving this story and the progress made in this chapter. I read it because I haven't been reading long fics, but I'm wishing this was more than 3 chapters.

Gersknightlady2016.08.17 - 11:43PM1: Prologue / Part OneSigned
Wonderful first chapter. Loving this story.

greenwood2016.08.04 - 09:53PM1: Prologue / Part OneSigned
Have really enjoyed this first chapter. I can picture Snape playing a violin. I have been to the V&A museum back in 2003. I had such a great time in London and that is why I love stories that include some locations in London. Makes me feel like I'm there. I remember reading a great story before I left for a trip to London in 2007 (alas, the story was never finished) that had the Millennium Bridge featured in it. As I walked across it I felt the story come alive in my mind. It is wonderful to add richly described locations to a story that people may have been to because it sucks you and your memories mingle with the characters.

SeerSama2016.06.28 - 06:00PM3: EpilogueSigned
Well done

raj2016.05.31 - 07:52AM3: EpilogueSigned
Lovely story!

breastlady2016.04.05 - 11:38PM2: Part TwoSigned
A long, splendid and lovely chapter. I can't wait to read the next. Thank you for sharing this story. xoxoxo

loreen772016.03.23 - 08:08AM3: EpilogueSigned
Wonderful job. I really enjoyed this and couldn't help whining in my head " but it can't be over already ". Lol. I hope you continue to write stories as they are a complete pleasure to read.

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