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Reviews for In Plushies We Trust

kudlatek2017.03.08 - 06:41AM6: Chapter Six: The ConnectionSigned
Excellent fic! Snape who could not verbalise his comments and was not even able to give the Snape glance - really amusing :) Thanks for nice reading time!

alkirby2016.03.18 - 02:09PM1: Chapter One: The CurseSigned
Loving the plot already!

Mikimoto2016.01.28 - 03:45PM6: Chapter Six: The ConnectionSigned
Good story. It could have so easily descended into melodrama but you kept it emotionally reasonable. Thank you for posting.

Author's Response: Thanks. I wanted to keep it a bit of the fun, light and fluffy side. A little drama, a little suspense and danger, a healthy dose of smut and some fun.

ravens_quill_pen_M2016.01.28 - 11:43AM6: Chapter Six: The ConnectionSigned
I just imagined puppet!Snape from Potter Puppet Pals. Mysterious Ticking Noise, anyone? Also, LOVE. -M

Author's Response: You know, I can see it too, now. I have my own Snape doll that inspired this fic (as I wrote this around the time Potter Puppet Pals first went on YouTube), so I didn't think of the Potter Puppet Pal version, though that would be cute.

ShouldBeElsewhere2016.01.23 - 09:59PM6: Chapter Six: The ConnectionSigned
What a fun story! Thank you so much for writing and sharing it. Loved it!

Author's Response: You're most welcome. It was fun writing it.

Jong_Kahn2016.01.21 - 01:43AM6: Chapter Six: The ConnectionSigned
I was looking up Ashwinder author PlaidPooka, and found she was the one who'd written the story about Professor Snape having been turned into a stuffed flamingo. Its title is: "The Plushie Problem", and it dates from August 2006. Look it up--it's fun, too!

Orangeblossom172016.01.19 - 10:33PM6: Chapter Six: The ConnectionSigned
Oh yes! I was a little concerned about how Hermione would take the revelation, but she channeled her inner Gryffindor. This was such a yummy story. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Author's Response: She's sensible. If Severus was totally into it at the time and he's chatting her up seductively at the ball, then why the hell not? She doesn't always overthink things, only sometimes.

Jong_Kahn2016.01.17 - 11:16PM6: Chapter Six: The ConnectionSigned
Delicious little fic--thank you for having written it!

Author's Response: You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.

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