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Mavennica2016.01.14 - 05:49PM1: Signed
I read this story on the afternoon of the day Alan Rickman died (it still doesn't seem real). Your story made me cry, and my tears were for Lug and Alan. :'(

Author's Response: You are brave. I can't bring myself to read any fanfiction today - I'm so torn. I'm sorry I made you cry, but thank you for your kind words. Helena

loreen772016.01.09 - 09:48PM1: Signed
A beautiful farewell for Lug. You brought a tear to my eyes. ❤️

Author's Response: Thank you. I didn't mean to make you cry! As always, loreen77, thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Helena

orlando Switch2016.01.05 - 10:23AM1: Signed
This is at least the 3rd time I read this since I've read and re-read it already at the giftfest. It still makes me cry even though I am more a rat person than a cat person. The way you describe Lug's view at the world through the use of his senses is so touching that his frustration that Hermione doesn't understand him and calls him the wrong name is almost palpable. She would feel guilty if she knew, knowing how much she hates it when people can't pronounce her name or shorten it to Mione. Of course it's a bonus that Lug manages to transfer his care for Hermione to Severus but the highlight for me was how you brought Lug to life and shared his life with us.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much! I truly never meant to elicit tears from readers when I wrote this. You know what? When my daughter was young, we tried the rats for pets, also. She had three different ones and they each had their own distinct personality. They were great pets but nobody understood why we liked them. I appreciate your reviewing this here. Thanks, Helena

baby_blue2016.01.02 - 05:41PM1: Signed
This story struck home as I just lost 2 of my 4 dear cats in the last couple of years, one dear friend just lost her beloved kitty last month after 18 years, and another friend just lost her beloved kitties a couple of weeks apart last month.

Author's Response: I am so sorry for your loss, and that of your friends. I hope the story didn't cause too much sadness. However, thank you for reading it and letting me know. Helena

bxn1102016.01.02 - 12:46PM1: Signed
Lovely tale. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Thank you so very much! I appreciate your letting me know. Helena

Eszther2016.01.02 - 10:48AM1: Signed
Thank you for this wonderful story.

Author's Response: You are welcome! I am so glad you read it and I appreciate you letting me know you enjoyed it. Thank you. Helena

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