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Reviews for Silhouette

joannie2018.08.08 - 05:24PM7: Chapter VISigned
Hi Laralee, I have been remiss by not giving you a proper review until now. I am enjoying the new angle added through Adelaide. At first I thought she existed only in the frame, but I finally realized she is an actual person. Not sure why it took me so long to figure that out. I love the detail and back story you provide. I am looking forward to more. joannie

Jong_Kahn2017.08.25 - 01:14PM7: Chapter VISigned
So Severus is slowly starting to admit the need of Adelaide's listening. No doubt his finally starting to open up--even if only a bit--helped him decide "yes" to McGonagall's offer. Another good chapter, good characterizations, thank you.

Author's Response: Slow and steady...Thank you for the lovely review! I appreciate it.

trashyreader2016.01.30 - 07:31AM7: Chapter VISigned
Not that I would ever nag, but this story has a marvelous plot, and another chapter would develop it nicely. Okay, I am nagging.

Author's Response: You're in luck. The next chapter was posted to queue today! Thanks for reading and for the review!

Javoher2016.01.07 - 08:14AM7: Chapter VISigned
I like this chapter very much for the way it shows the healing process. Severus has quite a long way to go I think. The next chapter could be interesting as Hogwarts itself may trigger a relapse, and I wonder what Adelaide the Sillouette will do about that.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for reading, and for the review!

loreen772016.01.04 - 09:49PM7: Chapter VISigned
Wonderful new chapter. I am so excited to see this chapter posted and even more excited after reading it. Just brilliant, I love where this story is leading us. I look forward to the next chapter (when time permits). ❤️

Author's Response: Thank you, Loreen, for reading and for taking the time to leave a review. Summer holiday is coming up, so I hope that means updates will become more frequent!

bluemooonie2016.01.01 - 09:56PM7: Chapter VISigned
Excited to see an update! Like seeing snape start to open up a little.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and for a review! Snape still has a ways to go, me thinks. :)

Shiro Ryu2015.12.21 - 04:44AM7: Chapter VISigned
Another excellent chapter! It was well worth waiting for (a nice and long one too!). I can't wait to read the next chapter. I hope you have very good holiday! :)

Author's Response: Thank you, Shiro, for reading and for taking the time to leave a review! Next chapter has been uploaded for approval, and should be posted soonish!

OnlyMoonLight2015.12.18 - 10:31AM7: Chapter VISigned
Glad to see this story back up! I have found your telling of characters and their PTS of "the war" through the wizarding world quite fascinating and I bob my head along with certain points that make sense to me. At times I do get lost, but I'll keep rereading it to reach better understanding. Really enjoying this! Thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and for the review! I'm thrilled you are enjoying this little tale! Update should be soon.

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