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Reviews for Tactus Amatoris

sorrowsown2017.02.12 - 01:57AM1: Tactus AmatorisSigned
Very well done! Just the right ammount of angst , tension and passion!

Littlebigmouth2016.04.27 - 02:13PM1: Tactus AmatorisSigned
I kinda hope Bella survived the war. I could see her going crazy each time she got a Thank You note,Wedding invitation or Birth Announcements.

Hyotae2016.03.10 - 04:04PM1: Tactus AmatorisSigned
Best one yet!!10/10 sooooo good

Happiness80002016.01.01 - 11:54PM1: Tactus AmatorisSigned
I liked how Hermione was definitely in charge!

Vessnape2015.12.29 - 09:58AM1: Tactus AmatorisSigned
Great!! Please write more.

TycheSong2015.12.20 - 08:09PM1: Tactus AmatorisSigned
Both sweet and hot; a perfect first fanfic. I look forward to seeing more of your work! :) -Tyche

whisker842015.12.06 - 01:00AM1: Tactus AmatorisSigned
Love your writing! Your descriptions and pace were wonderful. Can't wait to read more from you! :)

Sampdoria2015.11.23 - 07:56AM1: Tactus AmatorisSigned
I loved it, absolutely loved it. One could almost hope that Bellatrix lived long enough to get the thank-you note from Hermione. What an utter nightmare that would have been for the mad mrs LeStrange.

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