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Reviews for The Seventh Year

Annabelle67842018.05.24 - 12:47PM30: EpilogueSigned
Great story. I would love to know how Draco dared in Egypt and if he was able to redeem himself fully after the war. A small addition to the epilogue would be amazing

kudlatek2017.03.08 - 03:42AM30: EpilogueSigned
Lovely fic, thank you for great time reading it :)

Very Small Prophet2016.08.24 - 01:06AM17: The IngenueSigned
Ginny and Dean didn't break up over Dean's jealousy. Ginny dumped him for Harry. That's what you showed happening at the ball, and there's no point trying to re-write it now. When she did it in canon, it's possible she was genuinely trying to get over Harry and it didn't work. But doing the same thing a second time with the same boy is just plain heartless.

Author's Response: I agree, it is heartless, but I think even Dean knew on some level (even if he didn't want to admit it) that Ginny was going to eventually want Harry back. Hence, his jealousy. Of course Ginny is going to claim his jealously made her leave... otherwise she'd have to admit her faults. That's hard for anyone. Have you really never seen a relationship like Dean/Ginny's play out in real life, where one side is the repeated fall back option and one keeps hoping this is the time it will stick? Because I have...

Very Small Prophet2016.08.22 - 10:28PM15: The Winter BallSigned
I feel sorry for Dean. He should find himself a nice, loyal Hufflepuff, and stay away from "users" like Ginny Weasley.

Author's Response: Yes, he needs to stop taking her back! A Hufflepuff gal would be great for him...

Very Small Prophet2016.08.22 - 07:56AM6: A Few ObservationsSigned
Iím finding the portrayal of Bertram as Aggressive Evil Vamp to be quite heavy-handed. I know itís the traditional way to depict Hermioneís adult competitor in this sort of tale, but Bertram is so obviously being set up as Bad Woman in contrast to Hermioneís Good Girl that no real competition between them could exist if the characters behaved like normal people. Sev would refuse Bertramís advances, and that would be the end of it. And if she didnít back off after her boss refused her, she would end up fired right quick. From the good quality of the previous story, I had expected you to be more nuanced than this.

Author's Response: Yeah, it was a little over-the-top, but some people's personalities are over-the-top. People like Bartram do exist, but unless you are their object of desire, you might not realize how much of a caricature they can be in real life. It was meant to be obvious for her to come in an be a temptress. Remember as well, only Severus really gets the full effect of this side of her personality, and of course from Hermione's viewpoint she is the 'aggressive evil vamp' because Hermione is a bit jealous of her access to Severus and her status as an equal rather than Professor/student. My goal was to present her as an attractive, confident, intelligent woman (she was an Auror, so definitely not an idiot) who has an obsessive interest in Severus that has been increased since his rise to hero status after the war. She might come across as aggressive at times especially to Severus who finds her over-confident, but I'm not sure what part of her character warrants the 'evil' title. I was not attempting to set her up as the 'bad woman', even in the scene where she comes on to Severus. Severus has not definitively rejected her up until that moment, and to Bartram may have appeared to be somewhat open to her advances. Again, I've known real life people who have an obsessive attraction to someone who does not reciprocate - and it can take a lot of clearly phrased, outright rejection to get through to them. Being reserved and neutral to their advances does not work.

vickety2016.08.05 - 12:28PM30: EpilogueSigned
Great story! Thanks!

munchiedi2016.07.11 - 09:22PM30: EpilogueSigned
The ending has too many lineage. Keeping up with who is with whom is too much to process. In short, info-overload. Nevertheless, I'm happy that they waited before tying the knot. And that -- wait a moment, let me drink my booster (coffee), they are content. Thank you. Thank you. It isn't enough but still thank you. :)

munchiedi2016.07.11 - 09:00AM21: Sonata in DevelopmentSigned
I can't breathe! Too much... Sensual.

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