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Reviews for In Assorted Shapes & Sizes

Laverne Hayes2015.10.11 - 02:13AM1: In Assorted Shapes & SizesSigned
That was adorable!

loreen772015.09.05 - 10:08PM1: In Assorted Shapes & SizesSigned
Lol. So cute. Reminds me of a vacation when I was young. 5 days on 1.5 acre island with my brother Joe, my uncle by marriage Joe and his father Joe. 3 of the seven people staying on this tiny islands were Joe. Same thing happened a lot. That you for making me smile.

Losumi2015.09.04 - 10:07PM1: In Assorted Shapes & SizesSigned
What a perfect story! Short, but perfect!

mt_nestor2015.08.26 - 05:50PM1: In Assorted Shapes & SizesSigned
I love the thought of multiple Snapes, and that the little one has Hermoine's curls along with Severus' black hair.

Mavennica2015.08.25 - 10:33AM1: In Assorted Shapes & SizesSigned
Even though this was a small drabble, it still made my heart ache. Severus Snape should have been given a chance to live his life, and I don't quite think I'll ever be able to forgive JKR for it. I know it's silly, but there it is.

mamacrow2015.08.25 - 08:25AM1: In Assorted Shapes & SizesSigned
Omg that's adorable!

MlleGigi2015.08.24 - 12:38PM1: In Assorted Shapes & SizesSigned
A very cute story. This reminds me a lot of my family, in which there are several people named Michael and calling for one means that more than one will answer. I even had a taste of this myself at the latest family reunion -- apparently, one of the people who doesn't come very often has a child whose name sounds very much like my own, so I was confused several times during that weekend and thought people were calling me when they were calling him!

bluemooonie2015.08.24 - 12:53AM1: In Assorted Shapes & SizesSigned

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