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loreen772015.09.19 - 11:46AM1: Signed
Wow, that was intense. Well written and very unique. Poor Hermione, I can only imagine how this would haunt not just your dreams but also your waking hours. I would hope that healers could extract this threads of his memory from her mind, for otherwise I see it devastating her life.

Author's Response: Thank you. Yes, it's meant to be dark. Even if that means devastating her life. Cruel, I know. Thanks for reviewing, loreen! Helena

aliciana2015.08.04 - 04:55AM1: Signed
Absolutely mesmerising story. Beautifully written and so original. Very well done. Best wishes, Love Ali xxxx.

Author's Response: Thank you, Ali! I am glad you liked it. Helena

braye272015.08.03 - 11:27AM1: Signed
Your idea for this story is brilliant! I have so many questions about what will become of Hermione in the years to come? Will she be able to forego daily use of Dreamless Sleep? Will she find that, even though Snape's memories bring her to tears, she will not be able to leave then alone? Good lord! There are a multitude of paths that her life can take... and can she control which paths she chooses? Great story, my friend! Beth

Author's Response: Beth, everyone on the fest wanted to know what becomes of Hermione. In my mind she becomes addicted to Dreamless Sleep like a heroin addict - I'm thinking about writing more, but that is so dark and depressing I don't know. Regardless, I am so glad you liked it, and thanks for the dear compliments on it! I am glad you always review my friend! Helena

CRMediaGal2015.08.02 - 08:28AM1: Signed
Loved this during the fest. Happy to reread it here. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you, luv! Helena

bluemooonie2015.08.02 - 02:06AM1: Signed
Really loved this work. Feel like there is room for a part 2 or continuation, but of course the ending being a little unknown was beautiful too. Couple of typos in there... But I really enjoyed it

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. I'll hunt down those pesky typos... Helena

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