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Reviews for A Choice of Roads

marisamarinee2014.06.05 - 02:51AM12: Holidays BeginningSigned
Oh professor, you'll be in for a big surprise

Mindraine2011.07.20 - 03:18AM12: Holidays BeginningSigned
I really like this story, picturing Severus I sensitive without making him a romantic fool.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. :)

verasuspense2010.01.16 - 10:00PM12: Holidays BeginningSigned
I picture Dumbledore in a blue-and-white striped bathing suit, with a top. Or maybe red -and-gold would be more to his tastes :-D

verasuspense2008.09.13 - 02:02PM12: Holidays BeginningSigned
Mrs Hesterwing is all gracious condescension; emphasis on 'condescension'.

tangledhair2008.05.25 - 11:32PM12: Holidays BeginningSigned
I love this very charming story. I am quite enjoying reading it... and also, I do think you just intimated that you know how we pronounce Hawaii here in the islands. Hurray for that! I hope Dumbledore and McGonagall enjoy their stay. And I hope you finish this story-- it's great.

ElectricBloo2008.03.26 - 08:38PM12: Holidays BeginningSigned
Cheers for posting.

GeriPixie2006.07.30 - 09:52PM12: Holidays BeginningSigned
Thanks for the chuckles of the image of them on the beach, sipping from sweet drinks holding little umbrellas! I like the holiday retreat? Is there space open, I would like a room! Geri

lyress2004.03.10 - 10:01AM12: Holidays BeginningAnonymous
Beutiful as always, 'this pleased the potion master' elegantly simple. more please.

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