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Reviews for Playing a New Game

loreen772015.04.11 - 01:12PM1: Playing a New GameSigned
Wonderful, sweet and tender yet passionate and sexy. More please.....this would be great as a continued story! Well done!

Orangeblossom172015.04.02 - 03:27AM1: Playing a New GameSigned
I love the way you play with words. There are layers of richness that are a pleasure to read. "Hermione fucking Granger" had me laughing so hard- we've all been there. And then there was the conclusion she came to in her research, and how it played out. The self depreciation saved her transformation from approaching triteness (tritity?) and the intimacy led me to want more, greedy reader that I am. Wonderful work- I thank you.

susiepip2015.03.29 - 02:21PM1: Playing a New GameSigned
Great story. Some great lines... "Lucius, immaculate as always—though without the sharply polished edge that had characterised his antebellum self..." Excellent!

gottawrite2015.03.13 - 07:02AM1: Playing a New GameSigned
How to make learning fun in two easy steps...Take one inquisitive woman on the cusp add first a man who wants to teach and play (Lucius) and second add the man who teaches and wins (Severus). Brilliant and well written as always.

pianomouse2015.03.06 - 08:43PM1: Playing a New GameSigned
Yum! I loved every minute of it.

Mavennica2015.03.06 - 06:10PM1: Playing a New GameSigned
In Mavie-Land, the story ended when Hermione chose Severus. :)

MlleGigi2015.03.06 - 02:06PM1: Playing a New GameSigned
There are so many wonderfully amusing little details in this story -- the fact that Hermione made out a Last Will And Testament before moving into Spinners End, the shelves in the library which are neutral territory, Hermione's impatience with Ginny and Lavender (and her own generation in general) -- that it would still be absolutely delightful even if it hadn't ended with Hermione being deflowered in a most sensual and satisfying fashion.

Edr2015.03.04 - 08:41PM1: Playing a New GameSigned
I love it! Please continue with this story. I want to know what happend in the morning!

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