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Reviews for Wrapped Around Her

Maria2015.04.02 - 02:05AM1: Wrapped Around HerSigned
Very well written, especially considering the challenge rules. The bit about her hymen and Ron's small package was off putting, but that's probably just me. The other details were great.

loreen772015.03.29 - 09:24PM1: Wrapped Around HerSigned
Boom chicka wow wow.......that was super sexy!

Author's Response: It's a 70's bar, so you can almost hear the cheesy porno music in the background. Like this soundtrack on YouTube: https://youtu.be/CVORrdfqwpA

verasuspense2015.03.21 - 10:31PM1: Wrapped Around HerSigned
The bar's owner thought the 70s were the greatest era where music is concerned ? Oh please ! They had disco in the 70s ! Stick to the 60s.

Author's Response: I was shooting for a bar featuring music from the decade Severus was going to Hogwarts (1971-1978), stuff to bring back memories of his teen years. But the bar owner is more of a Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Who, Yes, David Bowie, Genesis, Jethro Tull, C.S.N. & Y. fan. While there are great bands of the 60's, it didn't suit the purpose of my story or the bar owner's personal opinions. Besides, the bar owner refuses to acknowledge Disco exists.

Orangeblossom172015.03.16 - 08:14PM1: Wrapped Around HerSigned
This piece was so wonderfully UST-y, and then made even better with the resolution. And without even a word!

Mikimoto2015.03.15 - 08:53PM1: Wrapped Around HerSigned
Well done keeping within the challenge restrictions. You created a dialogue of looks and gestures. Good story.

Jong_Kahn2015.03.13 - 12:09PM1: Wrapped Around HerSigned
Woo-hoo! A new favorite! The dialogue wasn't missed, as your writing provided a complete picture. Good job!

micky422015.03.12 - 12:32PM1: Wrapped Around HerSigned
Wow ! you really rose to the challenge, no dialogue only silent seduction, wonderful.

mt_nestor2015.03.11 - 05:30PM1: Wrapped Around HerSigned
So, so hot I almost didn't make it out the door this morning. I loved the buildup of their flirtation. This was an excellent characterization of the both them.

Author's Response: Thanks. it was even more challenging as the Silencio challenge demands no dialogue, no thought dialogue, no psychic talking. So I had to do it all without any dialogue. Seduction without words.

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