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Reviews for Silhouette

AlwaysSS2017.08.26 - 01:04AM2: Chapter ISigned
This 2nd chapter was interesting. Well written. I'm intrigued to see the "silhouette" angle play out. I know his match will be Hermione but it'll be fun to watch that reaction and then the arc between his aversion to feelings. I do wonder how he managed to go 9 months without access to his wand. Seems unhealthy not to exercise his magic for that long. I've always thought of it as a force that will expel itself when not properly released, thus explaining the uncontrollable outbursts of magic in children. Also, would he be "rusty" after not practicing magic for so long? I'd imagine it would be difficult to apparate, for example, after not doing it for nearly a year. In my mind, I don't see it like riding a bicycle. Anyway, thanks! Looking forward to reading the rest.

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review, and I apologize for taking so long to reply. The Hubby recently had surgery so I've been a bit tied up tending to him! Concerning your thoughts on not being able to do magic, I tried to imply (though not very well, obviously LOL) that his use of magic was somewhat monitored, given the unit where he was housed in the hospital. In the prologue I think he briefly considers asking Thomm for access to his wand to tend to the tedious form-filling. He could have access to his wand whenever he wanted, but he was monitored, even though he really didn't need to be because that was just protocol, for his safety and the safety of the other patients in the ward. So even though you don't see it, he has been able to do magic to some extent. You'll see in later chapters that he's not really all that rusty despite the constraints imposed. Anyway, thank you again for reading and for taking the time to review!

Jong_Kahn2016.04.18 - 01:14AM2: Chapter ISigned
Wow. That was some kick-ass chapter. You captured both characterizations and action very well, very believably.

Author's Response: *dances* Thank you, Jong!

greenwood2015.04.17 - 11:15PM2: Chapter ISigned
I have been away far too long from these stories! This is a great one to find on my return! Snape is so cannon in your story so far. I can just imagine who his bond has been made to LOL! I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and for the review!

loreen772015.04.11 - 04:41PM2: Chapter ISigned
I agree i read this before also. Glad there is more now and i can't wait to see how it all worjs out. Poor Sev, being heckled and jeered at, very sad.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and for the review. An update is in the works!

MsTree2015.01.28 - 07:04PM2: Chapter ISigned
Okay, why do I remember reading this chapter before? It's still a good 'un, though. ^_^

Author's Response: You know, when Ashwinder came back online, I could have sworn I had posted chapter one, but when I went to update it only had the prologue. At any rate, thanks for reading (again). The newest chapter should be up within the next week or so!

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