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Reviews for The Noodle Incident

loreen772015.03.30 - 10:36PM1: Chapter OnlySigned
Now i have mickey music stuck in my head........but what a fun image...spoons and spankings.

Author's Response: LOL! I've always thought that Lucius needed a good paddling. :)

foosball2015.03.05 - 02:52PM1: Chapter OnlySigned
Oh, that was brilliant!

Author's Response: LOL--I'm glad you liked it! :D

Jong_Kahn2015.02.03 - 11:10PM1: Chapter OnlySigned
“Oooh, I’ve wet ‘em.” Not only a great Monty Python reference, but I believe one from Calvin & Hobbes, too. "The noodle incident" was often referenced by six-year-old Calvin of the comic strip, as one of his more egregious errors/pranks--though we never did get to see it. Glad we got to "see" this one, though! Funny--and I loved the "Sorceror's Apprentice" reference, too!

Author's Response: Awesome that you caught my references! :D I am a huge Calvin & Hobbes fan as well as a Monty Python fan, and when I thought up the unholy trinity of adding the Sorcerer's Apprentice to them while I was thinking in the shower, I cackled like a demented hag. Thank you for reading! :)

Mikimoto2015.02.03 - 08:25PM1: Chapter OnlySigned
Lucius being spanked by pissed off spoons is a great image. Thanks.

Author's Response: I got a kick out of it too. :D

baby_blue2015.01.31 - 08:43PM1: Chapter OnlySigned
Hilarious, I love it.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed my story. :)

micky422015.01.30 - 11:20AM1: Chapter OnlySigned
*giggle-snort* poor Lucius, Severus will never let him live this down, in private of course.

Author's Response: I am fascinated by the interactions between Severus and Lucius, which is why I enjoy writing them so much. Thank you for writing! :)

bluemooonie2015.01.30 - 04:24AM1: Chapter OnlySigned
So great to have ashwinder back :) hilarious toy. Loved it!!

Author's Response: I reread a lot of stories, and some of my favorites are only available on Ashwinder; I was really upset when it went down! It is indeed great to have Ashwinder back, and I'm glad you enjoyed my silly story. :D

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