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Reviews for Silhouette

loreen772017.09.04 - 08:25AM11: Chapter XSigned
I am so happy that we have Ashwinder back and that wonderful authors, such as yourself, are updating. I went back and reread several chapters to get back into the flow of the story then eagerly devoured this new chapter. I really loved the scene in the Doctor's office. And it was wonderful see Severus open up a little while playing chess. I look forward to the next chapter!!

Jinxed2017.08.28 - 08:10PM11: Chapter XSigned
I am really enjoying following this story and missed it when Ashwinder was down for all those weeks. Thank you for sharing it.

AlwaysSS2017.08.26 - 01:04AM2: Chapter ISigned
This 2nd chapter was interesting. Well written. I'm intrigued to see the "silhouette" angle play out. I know his match will be Hermione but it'll be fun to watch that reaction and then the arc between his aversion to feelings. I do wonder how he managed to go 9 months without access to his wand. Seems unhealthy not to exercise his magic for that long. I've always thought of it as a force that will expel itself when not properly released, thus explaining the uncontrollable outbursts of magic in children. Also, would he be "rusty" after not practicing magic for so long? I'd imagine it would be difficult to apparate, for example, after not doing it for nearly a year. In my mind, I don't see it like riding a bicycle. Anyway, thanks! Looking forward to reading the rest.

Jong_Kahn2017.08.25 - 07:52PM10: Chapter IXSigned
When, I wonder, is Severus going to consciously notice that leather band on Hermione's wrist (and at least figure out that she herself is in the Silhouette program)?

Jong_Kahn2017.08.25 - 01:14PM7: Chapter VISigned
So Severus is slowly starting to admit the need of Adelaide's listening. No doubt his finally starting to open up--even if only a bit--helped him decide "yes" to McGonagall's offer. Another good chapter, good characterizations, thank you.

Jong_Kahn2017.08.25 - 08:35AM5: Chapter IVSigned
"He was not about to take her up on the offer, determined to see that his ego would win out over his sanity and his incredible boredom." How telling, that he inwardly admits--though he doesn't seem to realize just what that means--that he'd rather see his sanity lose to his ego--than lose! Funny yet very sad at the same time. Good chapter, thank you.

Jong_Kahn2017.08.25 - 03:58AM4: Chapter IIISigned
Glad to see Hermione finally make an appearance. Even gladder to know Adelaide its getting through to Severus, as reluctant as he is to acknowledge his need of it.

Jong_Kahn2017.08.25 - 03:22AM3: Chapter IISigned
In rereading this to catch up, I was once again impressed by the build-up of old mail needing to be dealt with. You also do a fine job of depicting how frayed around the edges, how fragile his emotional state is. I look forward to the next chapters.

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