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Reviews for Vitae Explicare Memento

Tralalalalaura2014.08.29 - 02:55AM19: Chapter 18Signed
Thank you for updating. This is such a great story. Thank you for sharing your talent. Laura

loreen772014.08.16 - 07:41PM19: Chapter 18Signed
So your story kept me distracted and happy during a 8 hour plane flight today. I loaded each chapter into my tablet as a separate internet window and read it all. What a great treat! I had previously read the start but had not had time to catch up. Well I gotta say you didn't disappoint at all. You had me happily reading the entire flight! love this and look forward to more!

Loyd19572014.08.16 - 02:06PM19: Chapter 18Signed
This has been a slow boil of mystery, patience and emotions. I love the progression of Gretchen back to Hermione. I especially love the patience of Severus and Rori. This is truly a wonderful story.

Elou2014.08.15 - 09:15PM19: Chapter 18Signed
I was so excited to catch up. It was wonderfully delivered, and I was sooo excited to read through. I had to go back and re read again a bit more calm. So lovely. Thank you so much for sharing this~Elou

Formeandmygirls22014.08.15 - 12:44PM19: Chapter 18Signed
I get so excited whenever there is a new chapter is uploaded. This was surely worth waiting for (or course, I'd rather not wait..lol). What a heartfelt emotional story. It feels like i'm there, fighting for each and every memory with Gretchen, or I'm there painstakingly waiting with Severus for her to remember.... Awesome Chapter. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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