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Reviews for A Night in Berlin

Jong_Kahn2018.04.16 - 11:14PM3: PeriaptSigned
I think I understand why you did it, but I still wish you'd have translated the German for those who had no linguistic ability. Good story, though!

Jong_Kahn2018.04.16 - 10:57PM1: ImpulseSigned
An intriguing beginning. I look forward to more.

Nyssah2015.07.18 - 09:10AM3: PeriaptSigned
Very well done! I especially appreciate that you found a new way of them having interaction, without hostility, expectations or questions from the past. You allowed them to be exactly who they should be, mellowed over time.

foosball2014.10.13 - 05:47AM3: PeriaptSigned
This is really, really well done. Thank you for sharing!

siage2014.09.17 - 02:13AM3: PeriaptSigned
Loved this, so many unique elements. Thanks for writing!

loreen772014.09.13 - 10:07AM3: PeriaptSigned
Lovely story. I like the promise it has for the future. If the mood ever strikes to add a sequel I would enjoy reading it.

vze57t9j2014.09.11 - 04:50AM3: PeriaptSigned
Excellent story!! I read all three parts this morning and loved it. Making the link between them a blood component was inspired. The blood is the life, they say. Well done!!! :)

Orangeblossom172014.09.10 - 07:49PM3: PeriaptSigned
Intrigue, danger, and suspense, all tied up in a mysterious package. Well done. I enjoyed this, and am left satisfied but curious as to what the future holds for these two.

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