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Reviews for Burn Down The Mission

Mamacat832019.02.15 - 01:32PM6: SixSigned
Well-written fic, but the ending literally gave me nightmares...

Author's Response: Thank you - sorry about the nightmares.

vickety2016.12.30 - 03:27PM6: SixSigned
This was wonderful and disturbing. Thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you!

anguis_12016.07.26 - 11:13PM6: SixSigned
Ouch! And yet, you did warn us from the beginning. That was a masterful ride you took us on, even if the ending was painful.

Author's Response: Thank you - I realise it was not a happy ending, but in the end, I felt it was the correct ending, and sometimes it's hard to have both, but I am glad you enjoyed it! <3

rkayeo2016.04.24 - 01:03AM5: FiveSigned
This makes me want to smash my computer screen. You are truly gifted.

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope your computer screen survived! ;)

avvelenare2015.06.23 - 03:44PM6: SixSigned
Oh goodness. I spent the last 15 minutes staring blankly at the wall. What an ending. Brilliant, but scary.

Author's Response: Thank you. Thank you for your comment - it's really appreciated.

AJ Prince2015.06.05 - 02:17AM6: SixSigned
I cried as if I'd experienced the end as them. To feel that pain, and longing of wanting to be free and be with each other only to swap and be unable to be with each other in the end. I thought I was going to die crying. I think I've gotten SSHG paring phobia now. I don't think I'll ever be able to read another story with their paring ever again for fear of dark ending. Wonderful, but dark.

Author's Response: Thank you for your lovely comments - I promise that dark endings in SSHG are very few and far between with me, but I had no other choice on this one, I fear. I adore SSHG, and I hope you'll continue to read the pairing - it's quite addictive! ;)

candauthor2015.04.16 - 01:58PM6: SixSigned
You were ... not kind. What I loved: the mirror, and the whole exploration of mirror magic. The quirks of how the mirror worked, and didn't; the almost stasis of the occupant was never fully explained and I delight in that. I cherished the joy of discovery that you let us feel through Hermione, and her slow love affair, and even their desperate longing for one another. I stopped when I got to your warning. I really did. I closed my eyes and imagined any number of scenarios: where it worked, the mirror shattered and left the man; where it didn't, and the man was as destroyed as the mirror. Where she ended up trapped in there with him. Where nothing happened at all except the quick discovery that their blood would allow them to exchange places at will - Ladyhawke style, as it were. And then I read on, and got crushed. Not that she was trapped in the mirror instead of him - that part wasn't nearly as awful as the bland grey hell she inhabited. I felt cheated - there hadn't been any indication that Bellatrix was capable of such a multi-layered spell, or that the image of the mirror wasn't the truth of the imprisonment. Oh, how it hurt! And yet, in that pain comes a kind of fierce pride, because you are an AMAZING writer, and even though you've apparently figured out the sequence to immediately start my tears, I'll always love reading your work. Brilliant, as usual - a piece full of desperate longing and a soul-deep ache for missing pieces.

Author's Response: Thank you for such a beautiful and uplifting comment. I was really afraid for a moment there! Seriously, I truly didn't want that ending, but it was the right one - the only one that I could see. I knew I could have MADE it a happy ending, but it would have been false, and I didn't want to do that, even at the expense of it. Thank you for reading, and gifting me with such a thoughtful, lovely comment.

candauthor2015.04.15 - 11:47PM1: OneSigned
I have been having a similar thought in my head; influenced strongly by the idea of the Captal's Bequest from Melanie Rawn's "Mageborn" series, I imagined a fun scenario where the headmaster of hogwarts is always such a powerful, potent figure because they pass on the collected knowledge and skill of every previous headmaster. Something similar here - and I love how remarkably consistent you are with the hand-off process and the ward raising and lowering. I'm eager to see the mystery unfold! Please be kind to my poor, abused heart.

Author's Response: Thank you for your lovely comments. I'm not sure you will think I am kind, though.

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