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Reviews for I'm Not Afraid

loreen772016.01.08 - 10:54PM6: Turning Around, Turning AgainSigned
Emotionally heartbreaking. It felt raw and broken. I hope they both find peace.

loreen772016.01.08 - 10:34PM1: One Afternoon...Signed
Great start. I am intrigued.

Claery2014.08.01 - 02:30PM6: Turning Around, Turning AgainSigned
Two broken people, a story way too real and perfect emotional writing...I hope to read what happens next. It's to good to let it stop...not like this.

Author's Response: Thank you!

Chantal2014.06.16 - 11:43AM6: Turning Around, Turning AgainSigned
That was a really impressive story spun around that poignant song! It was a well written take on the sad possibilities that await veterans of war, and the hope that this couple struggling individually can offer the other.

Author's Response: I cried a bit writing it. I am glad you liked it.

greenwood2014.06.12 - 03:52PM6: Turning Around, Turning AgainSigned
Wow, you would think that the wizarding world would have had a VET support system set up! I agree with Hermione that they should (of course ours is no great shakes!)

Author's Response: This is true. Thanks for reading!

greenwood2014.06.12 - 03:37PM2: Coming Together, Coming ApartSigned
Very good chapter. You have me hooked now and I must read the rest of the chapters you have written so far.

Author's Response: Hopefully I'll have more up as RL allows! Thanks!

beaweasley22014.05.15 - 05:24PM6: Turning Around, Turning AgainSigned
Mmmm oops. I started reading and like a great book I just kept reading and then I tried to turn the page and ooops. There is none. And, blushing horribly, I haven't reviewed. Not once. I'm ashamed, but really, oh my gods, this just pulled me, drew me and... I can't wait until -- I'm know I'll have to wait patiently, I write too, I know the process -- you update! Please do.

I never think on Hermione as being so... er... not broken, but with the afflictions that I have seen in the eyes of Vets. You have her mental state so perfectly, it's as if You know it first hand what it is to go through what she is, and I'm feeling it through you/her. Good job.

Author's Response: Unfortunately I have seen it firsthand. It's not pretty and I think of this a tribute. Thanks for reading!

Maria2014.05.14 - 02:04AM6: Turning Around, Turning AgainSigned
Ay yikes! The angst! But this is beautiful writing, you make the pain believable. I'm so curious where you're taking this.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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